Important Tips on Video Blogging

By Naven Pillai | Video Blogging

Jan 25

Video BloggingBlogging has been one of the main platforms of communicating to an audience over the Internet for years now. It has evolved a lot with websites offering services such as podcast  photo blogging and video blogging. Recently, video blogging has been very famous due to the rise of YouTube, currently the most well-know video hosting site on the World Wide Web right now.

A lot of personalities have emerged due to their fame caused by their own channels on YouTube where they host their own video blogs. Here are some useful tips if in case you’d like to set up your own channel:


A good video blogger doesn’t need expensive equipment. As long as everything functions well, there is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money for it. For beginners, their web cameras can be used to record their blogs. Software is also a factor when it comes to equipment, as you have to edit your video before posting it on the Internet.

Lighting and location is also important during recording. You should record your video in a place wherein the lighting is good and stray sounds from the outside won’t get recorded on your blog. You don’t have to buy lighting equipment, taking advantage of natural light is enough and can actually be flattering for your features.

The backdrop of your video is also important. It shouldn’t be distracting to the viewers. A plain background is enough if you’re planning on staying in one position during the rest of the video. But if you’re planning on going on location, then there is no need to worry that much about your backdrop, as long as your lighting is sufficient enough.



Your content should be something that is relevant to your own interests. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask yourself: Would I follow this video blog after the first post?

You must be willing to watch other video blogs in order to get some tips on how to execute your thoughts properly. Video blogging is very different from normal blogging wherein you can always edit out your thoughts even days after you’ve posted. With video blogging, once you upload, you can’t edit it unless you want to take it down and do the uploading process all over again.

Don’t be afraid to air out your own thoughts. The main purpose of your video blog is to share a piece of your life and your mind to the world. As long as what you’re saying isn’t offensive to somebody’s culture or religion, you’re good to go.


Hosting your video

YouTube has been garnering a lot of channels dedicated to video blogs. Most video bloggers find the site useful when it comes to uploading. Also, due to its “suggested videos” feature, it becomes easier to get viewers.

Either way, make sure that you promote your video enough to garner a handful of viewers. In time, that number will increase until you get a steady stream of loyal viewers of your channel.




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IT Rush January 25, 2013

Hmm, this is just what I need to start a vblog. Thanks for these important tips John.


Christopher Masiello January 25, 2013

Good primer for video blogging. I agree that you don’t need to spend a lot of money getting started. If I had to rank where to prioritize whatever resources you do have it would be as follows: (Most money/time to least money/time investment)
Microphone – yup, CLEAR audio is actually more critical than HD video
Lighting – Much more important than the camera. Take a well lit picture on your cell phone, then a poorly lit pic on an SLR. Which looks better? You can get great lighting for next to nothing if you google “home made lighting rigs”
Camera – your webcam, cell phone, or point & shoot are all more than good enough (if you have good audio and lighting)
Backdrop – buy a $10 piece of fabric and some clothespins – done. (or use a sheet)
Software – iMovie or Windows Movie maker are fine and free.
Good luck

    John Conor January 25, 2013

    Thanks for adding such great points, Masiello!

Sean Nicholson January 27, 2013

Great tips! I would also add to pay attention to you wardrobe. What you wear can sometimes distract the viewer if your clothes see too bright or gaudy.

thanks for the great post!

— Sean

manisha singh January 27, 2013

well,i think it is a good information for online inter view .one thing i also add,that your look and way of clothing also makes an impression so dont forget this.keep it in your mind.

best pimple treatment January 28, 2013

Great ideas! I confess my video blogging area is simply my desk (with now) my exercise bike behind it. However, I used to have my couch and other design goodies there as well.

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