Why You Should Use Stock Photos from Depositphotos

By Zac Johnson | Design & Coding

Jan 22

As an owner of multiple web sites and blogs it’s important for me to have an excellent collection of stock photo images that I can pull up whenever I need to publish a new blog post. There are many ways to get photos for your blog posts, but not all of them work in your favor.

Here are two of the most used methods for finding images and photos for your blog posts.

  • Search Google Images and steal and image then upload it to your site
  • Find an image on Flickr than link back to them as credit source
  • Purchase stock photos at a low price and own the usage of them

Of the three methods listed above, I personally prefer and recommend buying your own stock photos. I absolutely love Depositphotos and have been using them for the past few years. I already have 500+ stock images in my portfolio that I can download to my computer and use in blog posts at any time.

My DepositPhotos Images

Now the question you might be asking is why would I want to pay for stock photos when I can get them for free through Google Images or Flickr?

The answer for me is easy… the last thing I want is to grab some image on Google Images and place it on my site and then get sued for using a picture I don’t own the rights to. This actually happens all the time and site owners have no idea on what to do or how to get out of it. After all, you did do a Google Image search and take the photo from somewhere else, right?

As for using Flickr images, sure they are a great source for finding new and original images, but then you also have to add a “Credit Source: URL” by the image. Not only does this mess with the content and flow of the article, but you are also passing link juice away from your site.

How Does Depositphotos Work?

It’s extremely easy to use Depositphotos.com. All you need to do is visit their site and search the type of images you are looking for. Once you find the images you like, you click it then download the file size you like. You will need to add funds/credits to your account to download images (through Paypal or credit card). I usually go with the smallest size available, as it’s the cheapest and usually more than big enough for blog post content.

DepositPhotos Blogging Images

You can download the files right to your computer for immediate use and they can be used on as many sites as you like. Best of all, the images are also stored in your DP account so you can download them at any given time.

Free Stock Photos for Bloggers!

Free Stock Photos from Deposit Photos Depositphotos is currently running a bloggers program for any site owners who are looking to use their premium images on their site in exchange for some promotion and reviews. This is an excellent opportunity for any bloggers out there who would like to start using stock photos but don’t have the fund to pay for the images on an individual basis.

In addition to setting your own blog up stock photo image use from Depositphotos, you can also setup a contest promotion to give away free trial accounts with DP. Come up with something creative for your blog audience and Depositphotos will gladly entertain your offer. For more information on setting this up, just refer to their bloggers program on their site.

Promoting DepositPhotos Affiliate Program

iStock_000005123730XSmallIn addition to the bloggers program, Depositphotos also has an affiliate program that pays you for referring photographers and stock photo buyers to their site. As mentioned, I’ve been using Depositphotos for a few years now and can’t say anything bad about their site and their collection of stock photos is top notch. All of this comes into play when promoting Depositphotos’ affiliate program as you can actually promote a program that you use and trust in.

Whether you are looking to add some new life and creativity to your blog content or want to see if you can run a contest promotion and give away some free trial accounts to Depositphotos, be sure to check out their site and see what they have in store for you.


About the Author

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at ZacJohnson.com, as well as the founder of BloggingTips.com. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

Kapil January 22, 2013

This is perhaps the tip of the day for me., especially the bloggers program. It is tough to find unique images which are safe to use on your blog but this certainly helps the process.

    Zac Johnson January 23, 2013

    I love using Depositphotos for all of my blog images, it just makes the process so much easier and they have images for nearly every topic.

Yecruzsulla January 23, 2013

yeah great post zac..sometimes i get confused how to find a nice photo for my article.
as you said. copyright is main problem for me
thanks i eill tray that blogger program for sure :)

    Zac Johnson January 23, 2013

    Correct, using images from stock photo sites will definitely eliminate any of your copyright issues.

aromal January 23, 2013

nice. To avoid copyright problems, i have bought a new sony camera to take images. My adsense acount declined due to copy right pics. So your post is a warning for bloggers

    Zac Johnson January 23, 2013

    Good idea. As a photographer you could even submit your images to stock photo sites and start making money when other people download and use them on their sites. Check it out.

Ravi January 23, 2013

I have heard alot about DepositPhotos these days. But i have a Question that do we have to mention Image credits while using the images from it?

    Zac Johnson January 23, 2013

    Since you are buying the images you DON’T need to credit them as well.

Devik January 23, 2013

Great help! This is a very helping blog for me as I am looking for different and cheaper images for my blogs and your post help me a lot to get what I am searching from a long period. Thanks for sharing useful information.
keep writing.
Legal Advice

Kristi January 23, 2013

Doing a Google image search and using a photo you find is theft. Google is searching through the whole internet including iStock, DepositPhotos, etc. Those images come up in the search, but they are not “free” to use – they are still owned by someone. Google does not own them and they are not giving you permission to use them.

The same goes for Flickr. While you “share” your copyright with Flickr when you put your images on their site, you do not share the copyright with the world. So when you go to Flickr and use an image you found on the site are in fact “stealing”.

There are “free” image resources available. Unfortunately, the two you named are not free sites for images. Please, do not encourage theft on the internet. Copyright is hard enough on the internet, and just crediting (I stole this from Flickr) is not enough.

    Zac Johnson January 23, 2013

    I was not condoning the methods I mentioned, I stated that they were two methods that people were using for images and that they are not legally correct.

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