How To Captivate Anyone With Your Blog Posts

Writing a good blog post isn’t just about great content…

Writing truly engaging and exciting blog posts and marketing is an art for that involves storytelling, emotion, and creating an immersive experience for your readers.

How you structure your marketing techniques in terms of storytelling, and connecting with readers, can often leave more of an impact than the content itself (think about how a song or story touched you more because of the emotional impact than the details of the story itself).

In this post I want to share 3 tips you can use to enhance the appeal of any post you write, and make it incredibly engaging to your readers.

1. Touch A Person’s Feelings

Get a Voice of Your Own We connect to things that have emotional content; using emotions is what holds a person’s focus.

For example, think about why a books, television, and conversations can hold your attention for hours on end.

Is it because you’re learning, getting intellectually stimulated, and have a logical purpose for doing these things?

Why do college kids get distracted while writing a research paper by Facebook, YouTube videos, and texts from friends?

Because these things stimulate our EMOTIONS.

If you want to really engage your readers, and stand out from other bloggers, speak in things that create emotions.

2. Be A Great Storyteller

Tell Great StoriesThe key to holding a person’s attention is to get them involved in whatever you’re talking about, and the way to get a person’s attention, and stimulate their emotions, and get them personally involved in what you’re talking about, is to build pictures in their head so that their focus is on you, your writing, and what you want them to know.

If you think about what holds a person’s attention while reading a 600 page novel; it comes down to three things:

  1. Emotional connections
  2. Visual imagery
  3. Engaging their imagination

It’s because the story and the emotions make you feel a direct connection to the story as if it is your own (think about how you connect with characters like Rocky or Luke Skywalker; where you’re legitimately rooting for them to win, and would feel upset to see things not go well for them. Telling stories is what connects us to whatever we’re reading about, and sucks us into the content.

The reason a mediums like novels, television, and songs captivate us, and can hold our attention for so long, is because they wrap us in EMOTIONALLY.

Thank about any time you turned off a TV show, put down a good book, or got bored while talking to someone; it’s because the emotions weren’t happening, and, as a result, you didn’t feel a connection.

3. Talk About Visuals

If I say a word like “food”, how do you feel?

Now, if I say a something that gives you a visual picture like, “ice cream sundae dripping down with steaming hot fudge… now how do you FEEL?

What is the difference?

Did you notice that when I used a physical description, you felt something inside of you, and you felt a lot more connected to what I was talking about, because the words created a picture in your head, and emotions that held your attention, and got you focused on what I was talking about?

When you use a physical, tactile descriptive word, it creates an image in your head, and emotions in your body, and makes you feel connected to whatever the person is talking about.

When you engage a person’s imagination and their emotions involved in your writing, you’ve got them personally involved and invested in whatever you’re talking about, and they feel a genuine emotional connection with you that they won’t feel with other bloggers who aren’t applying these techniques to build a genuine emotional connection and relationship with their readers.

The great thing about these techniques is that they’re easy to implement, can be applied to any topic, and can instantly skyrocket the success of your writing, the popularity of your blog, and really help you write compelling content on any subject.

This blog post was written by Chris Nosal, who is an innovative marketer who develops techniques and ways to make your marketing and content writing more powerful and effective. Visit to learn more and read some of his groundbreaking and revolutionary marketing techniques and strategies.


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