Increase Blog Subscribers with a Killer Subscribe Page

One of the best ways to grow your audience and subscribers for your blog is through the use of a free ebook or gift. The best way to give away such products is with a newsletter of course.

The process is simple…

  1. You create a quality ebook or report and give it away free in exchange for someone’s email
  2. They confirm their email address and are given a link to download your free pdf report
  3. Your blog now has another subscriber on your mailing list and hopefully a long term reader for your blog

The task is simple enough, but there are also several other details you need to think about…

Such as…

  • What free product am I going to promote
  • How will I promote my free promotion
  • Should I use a separate landing page

Increase Your Blog Sign UpsThe product you create should be something similar to the niche your blog is in, and have a perceived value to it. Most bloggers will say “Enter your email to get my $97 report for free!”. Providing this type of statement will usually increase overall interest and conversions.

As for how you would like to create your own landing pages and promote your free guide promotions, that’s another story in itself.

For anyone that has ever promoted a product on ClickBank, you will likely have noticed that the landing pages are extremely long, yet effective.

This same type of marketing can be done for your blogging promotions and bringing in new subscribers. However creating these types of pages can take a lot of time and cost a decent amount of money if you don’t know how to create them yourself.

Pitch Magic is a service that makes the process of creating killer landing pages easy. Simply put, it’s an easy to use drag and drop system and will never require you to ever see a line of coding.

I know the importance of creating a killer landing page, as my landing page quick start guide on has been one of the most read and downloaded pieces of content on the blog.

The problem is, even though I made the HTML for the quick start guide, you would still have to take the file into a site editor and play around with the coding. This really isn’t a problem for anyone who knows how to code or build web site, but this would be a huge pain for anyone who isn’t trained in these areas.

The solution? Using Pitch Magic I was able to easily and quickly create a landing page that demonstrates all of the pieces of a winning landing page, such as images, different sized and colored text, highlighted areas and much more. Pretty much the same type of setup you see on all of those killer ClickBank style landing pages.


Once you create an account with Pitch Magic and log into the system you will see that the left menu is everything you need to create your landing page, with no coding! What you see on the right side of the page is exactly what your landing page is going to look like.

When you find a section on the left side of the page that you would like to add to your page (such as “Main Headline), you can just drag it over and fill out the section. The Pitch Magic setup will automatically format it for the standard font and sizing, then you can play with different settings such as font style, size and color.

The same process works for adding images, testimonials, bullet points and email sign ups.


To get a better idea of how the process works, click on the video below to head over to their site and watch the quick walk through that shows you exactly how the system works.


Now that you have a better understanding of how to create a killer landing page to promote your blog and bring in new subscribers, you can also start thinking about effective ways for you to start pushing your new lead generating landing page.

You can use the following tactics:

  • Facebook Ads: Target your audience based on country and demographic, then when they click your ad they will be sent to your free offer landing page.
  • Search Marketing: There are plenty of long tail keywords that you can target and pay online a few cents per click. Make sure you create a quality site or landing page that Google finds value in.
  • Guest Blogging and Commenting: When most of us are writing guest blog posts or leaving comments on other pages, we are usually linking back to our own sites. Instead of linking to your main page, start linking to your lead generation page and get email subscribers and not just site visits.

If you’ve ever wanted to try to build out your own landing pages and increase your blog subscribers in the process, be sure to check out Pitch Magic.

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