Full WordPress Site Backups with blogVault

Whether you’re an Internet marketer, a professional blogger, or an e-commerce merchant, there’s a good chance that your website is your livelihood. That’s perhaps why you can be so selective about choosing the right web hosting provider, as you don’t want your site to go down ever. But what if you get hacked? What if your site gets compromised? What if something really does go wrong?

You should have a full backup of your site ready to go at a moment’s notice, because you can never know what might happen. Making the process as simple and painless as possible is blogVault, a comprehensive WordPress backup service that lets you restore your site at will, including the ability to easily migrate servers.

Backup Your WordPress Site

Yes, there are some web hosting providers that offer some level of redundancy, but they may not be quite comprehensive or secure enough for you. They also might not offer off-site backups, so if something happens to their physical data center, your site could get lost. That’s just not acceptable.


With blogVault, you get a full WordPress backup of your site. This includes the WordPress installation itself, of course, as well as all the necessary tables, themes, plugins, uploads and whatever else you need to keep your WordPress site up and running. It is important to note that blogVault is specializing specifically in WordPress sites (including blogs), so if you are using a different CMS, this service is not for you.

From the main dashboard of blogVault, you have access to all the features that you’d need. If something happens, you can automatically restore your backed up data in a matter of minutes. It’s completely automated, so you don’t need to copy and paste any files or reinstall anything on your primary server. You can also test your restores before making them active, as well as sift through a full 30-day history of your backups. If you need to migrate your site to another server, blogVault can automate that for you too. No more messy configuration files!


Compared to the Competition

Not surprisingly, blogVault is not the only website backup service on the Internet. However, it does offer several features and advantages over its competition. The compare us page outlines some of these differences.

For example, blogVault has offsite backup and it has the option to do a test restore, so you can make sure the backups are accurate, correct and up to date. One of the more critical differences between blogVault and a competitor like BackupBuddy is that the former uses incremental backups. This means that it is only backing up the changes to your website rather than doing a full backup every time. By taking this route, blogVault uses fewer resources on your main server and helps to optimize performance.

Some other notable differences include versioned backups, high-level security by way of a read-only WordPress website, personalized email support, support for even very large WordPress sites, and the ability to download individual files from specific days rather than being forced to download an entire backup file at once.

How Much Does It Cost?

At this time, blogVault has three pricing plans. All of them come with the 30-day history, test restore capabilities, easy site migration, single file restoration and Dropbox support. The main difference is the number of sites that you can backup under each plan.


The $9/month ($89/year) Personal plan supports just a single site. You can move up to the Agency plan to back up three sites ($19/month or $199/year), or the VIP plan to back up seven sites ($39/month or $399/year). The latter two also provide priority support via online chat or email. There are no setup fees and all plans come with a 7-day free trial. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can take advantage of the 100% money-back guarantee during those 7 days.

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