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How many times do you wish you had a personal concierge for your business, or even just a business partner that you could trust on whenever you needed to get something done?

Of course you do, who wouldn’t want that!

The problem is… time and time again we hear about how great outsourcing is, but when we actually take the time to start going through the process of finding a designer, content writer or programmer on oDesk or eLance, the same things always happen…

  • We waste way too much time looking through job resumes
  • Mentally going back and forth over the right pricing
  • Trying to figure out exactly what we want to outsource
  • Hiring someone only to then find out they are horrible

Outsourcing the ProcessI’m sure you’ve experienced plenty of these outsourcing results in the past… if not, let me just tell you they aren’t fun!

So there must be a better way, right? Of course there is!

When it comes time for you to think about handing your work off to someone else, it’s important to make sure it’s someone you can trust and offers quality you can rely on.

This is exactly what Concierge by CoolHandle has created. Literally a personalized marketing and design concierge that offers all the services you need – whenever you need them!

Here are few examples.

Most of us are here at because we own a blog of our own or are looking to start one. When thinking about what you need to start a new blog of your own, a unique design and killer content comes to mind. These are just two of the services that Concierge by CoolHandle have to offer.

Another real life example can be seen in the video from Bill McRea who uses Concierge to better run his business and manage his existing network of software and hosting clients. Instead of having to find a separate individual to manage his hosting, support and customer sales process, Bill is able to connect with the Concierge team who can process and handle all of these actions within one company. The result is less of a headache for Bill, and knowing that all of his Concierge team members are in one location and able to connect with each other.

Conceirge by CoolHandle Video

Why is Concierge by CoolHandle better than eLance or oDesk?

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t mistake Concierge as another micro job site like eLance or oDesk, in that CoolHandle is actually a hosting company that has had thousands of customers. The idea behind their Concierge service came from all of their requests from their customers asking where they could get design and marketing services done. Instead of telling their customers to go to other third party services they couldn’t vouch for, they put their time and resources together to create “Concierge by CoolHandle”, which is made up of only the best marketing and design teams the company has to offer.

Concierge by Cool Handle

How can a Concierge Help Your Online Business?

All of us have to work the day to day operation to make our online businesses and blogs succeed, but there is a good chance many of us are focusing our efforts on simple tasks that can be outsourced and actually save us time and money in the long run.

Now that you have a better idea how having a well trained and professional design, content creation and management team working for you, the question is… what can they do for you?

To learn more about Concierge and their services, you can visit their site at

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