7 Tricks to Improve Your YouTube Rankings

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Jan 17

Your YouTube rankings determine how many people find your videos, and provide steady page clicks. Learn 7 tricks that will improve your YouTube rankings, and step up your online presence.

Why You Need a Better Ranking

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If you improve your YouTube ranking, your video will appear more often at the top of search results. This means you’ll be earning more ad revenue from page clicks, even while you’re asleep and away from the computer. This type of passive income will bring more and more visitors to your page and becomes a self-propelling machine.

Tricks to Improve Your Rankings

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YouTube looks at several different factors when sorting out its lists of search results. The name of your video, the words used in the description and the tags you choose to associate with your video all play a part. YouTube cannot see the contents of your video – it can only see the text that you’ve added on the site.

  1. Find your keywords: First, make a list of the keywords that are relevant to your video. Pick four to five keywords and keyword phrases that are most relevant to your video and most likely to be used to search for it.
  2. Pick a primary word: Which keyword phrase or word is most important and most relevant to your video? The one people would be most likely to use to find your content? Pick this primary keyword, and focus on it.
  3. Title your video: Choose a title for your video. You want something that’s easy to remember but also unique. Be sure to include the primary keyword you identified. Don’t forget to include the word “video” in the title. This will allow your video to be located among Google Video search results.
  4. Write the description: Write a simple description of your video that describes the content and uses your keywords. Do not merely stuff keywords into the description; use the words naturally within it. Encourage viewers to comment, or ask them a direct question, at the end of the description. Comments will help push your ranking higher.
  5. Add keyword tags: Use the tag function on the video’s page to add tags to your video. Simply type in the keywords you identified earlier, separating each with a comma.
  6. Finishing touches: Look at the advanced settings for your video to choose a thumbnail and turn on all sharing options. Pick a thumbnail that’s relevant to the video, and attractive. A bad-looking thumbnail will turn viewers away. Check to make sure your video is sharable across all normal platforms. The easier your video is to share, the more likely it is that people will see it.
  7. Add more videos: One of the best ways to increase your YouTube rankings is to add content consistently. This will encourage people to subscribe to your channel, and that will improve your placement in search engine results. New, fresh content keeps your channel and your videos appearing in search results frequently and draws in more traffic.

Starring on YouTube

YouTube is a free marketing tool, and it can be very effective. Get your YouTube videos to rank better, get more traffic, and you’ll get more money as a result.


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Jeremy Norton January 17, 2013

This is great! I am planning to post instructional videos on youtube later this month and this is really helpful,.

    Joseph Stark January 18, 2013

    That’s great! Good luck and happy tubing!

Chimezirim Odimba January 18, 2013

As with everything content, I’d like to add…

Make sure you deliver top value to your audience. They are the ones who will help your videos get the activities that boosts ranking. Even apart from that, what’s the point in ranking highly for a video if what you have within it won’t make you money — Poor content won’t make you money.

dauly January 18, 2013

These seven tricks are really help to improve you Tube ranking and become very effective to get the activities from videos.
thanking you so much for sharing thease seven tricks.

    Joseph Stark January 18, 2013

    Well said Chimezirim! Content is king. Once a blogger forgets that he/she might as well be a spammer. Always seek to further the beauty of the amazing resource that is the internet.

Diane Clark January 18, 2013

Thanks for sharing your personal tricks. To be honest, we usually overlooked some of these technical details. Youtube videos (provided that they are helpful enough) can be effective tools for attracting visitors. However, I am certain that your tips can make them even more effective.

Jet Johnson January 18, 2013

Very informative, I’m definantly going to give your tips a crack!!! Youtube here I come!!!!!

Tim Odoms January 18, 2013

I just started posting YouTube videos for my son’s Kung fu site. I’m selecting monetize on the options. I’m only getting the Adsense type of ads. How do I get the ones who start a video ad in the beginning? Won’t I get paid for those too?

Priya N January 19, 2013

Great article on YouTube. I used to upload lots of videos on YouTube but never thought of ranking this way. All the tricks to improve rankings are great & thanks to explain them.

Harsh Agarwal January 20, 2013

Nice points here and one thing which is officially out for Youtube ranking is, avg. time people spending on your video to watch. So make sure you have an interesting intro.. This could be personal message, which makes people watch more….

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