Three Things Bloggers Can Learn from PR Pros in 2013

If you’re a regular reader of internet marketing blogs like I am, you’ve probably noticed one of the recurring predictions for 2013 among thought leaders is that internet marketing and traditional public relations (PR) strategies will continue to blend together.

If the experts are right on this one (I’m betting they are.) the time is now for bloggers bone up on some of the commonly used strategies and tactics PR pros use to generate press and attract attention for their clients. As we begin the New Year I plan to incorporate three specific on-going PR tactics into my overall blogging strategy that I call Elevate, Socialize, and “Authoritize”. I’ve pulled this 3-step process directly from the PR playbook and recommend you doing the same for your own blog in 2013.

Elevate My Contributions

How to Use Press Releases with BloggingBy elevating contributions, I simply mean that’s it’s time to begin viewing the upper crust of blogs as legitimate opportunities for publishing content. Specifically, I’m talking about writing guest content that will be published on the biggest blogs on the internet, including websites like Mashable and

Believe it or not, these huge websites both accept guest contributions and are always in need of more quality content they can publish. Although it may take more time to research an article and work through the editorial process on these websites, the rewards in terms of traffic to a website can be enormous considering these blogs receive thousands of unique visits and tens of thousands of page views daily.

Socialize Myself

I’ve done a pretty poor job of building real relationships online with influencers in the past. This is something that needs to change in 2013.

PR pros understand the importance of making connections with influencers and staying in touch for the future. Within the blogger’s ecosystem these influencers could include staff writers, social media experts, and of course other bloggers. I’m by no means going to be fake or try to strike friendships solely for personal gain, but I do want to forge some long-term allies in 2013.


Yes, while “authoritize” may not be a real word, the basic concept is one that PR folks leverage all the time to build credibility for clients. How many times have you seen a website list the other websites they’ve been featured on like “As Seen on” or “Featured on and”

After elevating my contributions and socializing myself more online I hope to leverage the authority more popular websites and feature those media mentions prominently on my website. This will help develop instant credibility and trust among new visitors of my blog.
If the experts are correct, PR is going to become a much bigger part of online marketing and blogging in 2013. So what actions are you taking to ensure PR is part of your blogs marketing strategy? I’d love to read your comments below.

This article was written by Brett Lindenberg of the home business blog Visit his website to learn his step-by-step process for building an email list and check out his PR strategies in action.

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