Blog Article Ideas: Finding Inspiration

blog article ideasI just read Tips for Bloggers in Need of Inspiration and it “inspired” me to build upon their great advice with a different angle.

When I work with bloggers who are struggling to create content I have them start with a blogging calendar for the year – yes, not a week… not a month… but a year.

No matter what your niche is, by creating a blogging calendar for the year helps you develop your story board for you to see which holes you have for which months and shows you when you should actually start posting those articles.


  • If I want to blog about July 4th recipes for potato salad I will not wait till July to post it. I will normally post a timely article about 4 – 6 weeks PRIOR to the event to get those SEO juices flowing so when the event approaches, readers will hopefully find my content.
  • My son runs a video game review site and he writes about games months before they hit the market to 1) build the buzz and 2) build those keywords to be associated with his site so when the big push for traffic comes, his site is positioned with the search engines to hopefully capture some of that traffic.

Here is how I typically start:

  1. I use an Excel spreadsheet and create a page for each month. Within each month I have the days listed on the side {left column} and then typical topics I write about at the top {across the top row}.
  2. Once I have my spreadsheet set up, I then look at the calendar for the year to see which holidays are when and how I can incorporate them into my blog.
  3. Each month I update based on current events and past news. Example: Hostess announced they were going out of business and I immediately wrote an article about how to make Twinkies and linked it to Amazon to sell Twinkie pans. Then, I followed the story and kept my readers entertained with how much people were paying on eBay, how much were they willing to pay, what item they would pay a lot for if the manufacturer announced they were going out of business.
  4. Google Trends, Twitter Trends, etc. Looking at what is trending in the news, fashion, sports, etc. Find out what is happening NOW and try to capture some of the current trending traffic. This works well if you have a great Twitter following and can hashtag those trending topics. Example: Don’t worry about Hostess going bankrupt. Make your own #twinkies at home! #hostessbankrupt
  5. Read the current news sites that cover the same topics as you. I am not recommending that you steal content — just be inspired by their headlines and create original content of your own.

Content developers {aka bloggers} sometimes hit those writing brick walls from over thinking ideas for content sometimes. What they don’t realize is… content is all around them if they just know how and where to look for it.

Do you have questions on to to find blog article ideas?

Comment below with your roadblocks and I am happy to help you.

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