Here’s Some Common SEO Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

In the rush to get a business up and running online you can make some mistakes that, if they become entrenched, can cost you business in the long run. That’s especially true when it comes to search engine optimization (seo) so you’ll want to brush up on these traps and learn to avoid them.

The first one is about learning not to jump in head first. You need to take the time to be sure the keywords you’re looking at are the right ones that will suit your business and that doesn’t always mean the ones with the highest number of searches. Picking the most searched keywords or phrases might put you in the league with some stiff competition and even a few companies that have bigger and badder Internet marketing budgets than yours. You need to look at the compete picture before you choose any keywords that you’ll be basing a marketing campaign on. Smaller search numbers might be a positive trade off if there’s lower competition for the keyword, and you should look at the possibility of tagging them geographically so they point to designated areas.

Watch the kinds of back links you’re going after. Low quality links abound and there’s always what looks like a short cut being advertised through link farms and other offers, but you shouldn’t take the bait. Spam sites are one quick way to get your website and business penalized with Google. There are really no shortcuts when it comes to getting great back links but there is a benchmark you can use to keep your choices on the straight and narrow—relevancy.  Remember the latest updates from Google want to make sure you don’t cut corners here and that all of the links you pick make sense in relation to your business or website.


Don’t get so fancy with your site that it can’t be indexed properly. You need to be sure the Google spiders that will crawl your site don’t find anything they might find unappetizing. You need to be indexed properly so you can get the right number of searches and there are a few website design features that can hinder that process like Flash animation and using too many images.


Remember trying to get customers to your site is about more than just attracting them with the razzle/dazzle of the web pages that make the eyes dance. In the end, there’s really no substitute for well written text that’s been properly optimized.

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