Should Bloggers Promote Web Hosting as an Affiliate or Owner?

Web Hosting Affiliate ProgramsOne of the common themes you see among the top blogs on the internet is that many of them are pushing web hosting services.

I’m not surprised by this trend as there is massive money to be made in the web hosting niche.

It’s also a great way to find people who want to start their own blog. After all… aren’t people who are going to read blogs about making money online and “how to start blogs” going to need to have a blog of their own? Of course!

So now the question is… if you are a big enough affiliate to these web hosting companies, have you even give thought to being your own hosting company?

If you are pushing enough volume, you may be missing out on some big money.

Think of it like this… say you are making $100 for every new hosting lead you sign up.

If you are getting 100 leads per month, that’s making you $10,000 a month!

Now say you were running your own hosting business and charging $10 a month to each of those customers.

This would give you a $1,000 revenue month over month, plus you would have the customer for live and actually own their data and membership, which could then be sold at a later date.

This is actually a killer business model if you can actually push the volume.

All Phase Hosting has implemented a system where they take their current hosting platform, which hosts over 200,000 customer sites, and allows them to co-brand their service for anyone out there who wants to start their own hosting business.

Now that I have your mind cranking, would it make sense for you to create a web hosting business instead of just being an affiliate?

Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers at Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit West in Las VegasNext week is one of the largest internet marketing conferences, which is Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. I was just talking with the guys over at All Phase Hosting and they are running a very exclusive networking session at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They are crazy! They are renting the whole place out just for them and the greatest minds in internet marketing and blogging to get together.

Fortunately I know these guys well, so they set me up with a contest promotion I’m running through my other blog at If you are attending Affiliate Summit and would like a chance to attend the event and talk about setting up your own hosting company head over to my “How to Start a Web Hosting Company with Residual Earnings” post and leave a comment to enter.

You can contact the All Phase Hosting team and they will go over everything with you to see if it makes sense.

So what type of hosting blogger would you rather be?

It’s a very interesting question to ask. Of course most of the smaller bloggers would go for the $100 per lead, as they can’t push the volume to think about going large scale. However, once you start thinking about the actual potential and business model you have in front of you, being an advocate and having your own hosting company does seem pretty interesting!

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