How to Get More People to Click Your YouTube Videos and Increase Blog Traffic

YouTube is more than just a video site. Its purpose goes beyond entertaining you with funny videos of cute, little kittens or babies. It’s also not just a one-stop shop for video tutorials that can teach you how to do basically anything, like how to create a blog post.

For a lot of bloggers, it’s an awesome way to increase blog traffic.

YouTube is very popular. In fact, it gets more than 800 million unique visitors per month. Imagine being able to get even a tiny fraction of that. Even if you manage to get 1% of that to view your videos, that means 8,000,000 views for you!

Most people also consider it as a search engine. Today, people who want to learn how to do something, which is basically why people search online, go to YouTube because videos provide answers better.

This is why it’s time you start creating and posting those YouTube videos. And if you know how to do it right, you will see an improvement in your blog traffic.

Here are some tips on how to get more people to watch your YouTube videos and increase blog traffic.

Compose Titles that Stick

The video title is the first thing people see when browsing the search results. You only get one shot in getting people to click your video, so make sure to maximize that opportunity. A well-crafted title is going to do that.

An effective video title has the following qualities: succinctly explains what the video is about, builds interest, and is keyword-optimized.

Visitors search YouTube for specific information. But since there are tons of videos on different topics, it will be challenging for them to find what they need. That’s why they look at titles. They’ll see which one is close to addressing their concerns.

An inexperienced person who wants to know how to setup a Word Press blog is more likely to click a video that has “How to Set up a Word Press Blog for Newbies in 5 Minutes” as its title.

That briefly explains what the content is. It also creates interest because it says it can help new bloggers get their site up and running in just 5 minutes. Who doesn’t want to have a blog set up in quickly?

Use Keywords in the Right Places

Keywords are very important because they can get your videos on the top of YouTube’s search results (and also in Google’s).

Videos that show up at the top of the search results have the most chances of getting watched simply because visitors don’t prefer scrolling down the pages. And to get to the top, your videos need to be keyword-optimized.

Place keywords at the title, video description, and the tags. If the video contains texts, then it’s all right to sprinkle some. Just don’t stuff it with keywords.

Compose a Compelling Video Description

Online Video and YouTubeThis section can get your video ranked high in search results and attract more visitors. A lot of people overlook this part. Or if they do write something in the video description, they don’t give it much thought, so they end up not getting many views.

You don’t have to write a long description. Just briefly discuss what the video is all about (2-3 paragraphs should do it) and don’t forget to include your keywords. This should help rank the video better.

Strategically Place Your Links

It’s critical that you include your link. That is, after all, the whole point of creating YouTube videos. You want your viewers to visit on your blog. That’s not going to happen if you don’t make your URL prominent.

Does that mean the video has to display the links from start to finish? No.

Putting links can be tricky because most people are wary of videos that advertise websites. They don’t trust videos that advertise links. They won’t trust that you’re genuinely giving them something useful. Putting links can lessen the impact and credibility of your video so make sure to do it right.

Mention the URL at the end of the video, after providing enough information. You can say something like “for more information on how you can (setup a blog or get more traffic) go to this link” or offer them free stuff, like a guide, which they can download in your blog.

You can also create clickable links in the video and use the Video Annotation option. Put a link in the video description as well.

Enable Sharing

Depositphotos_3391795_XSYouTube videos go viral when shared in various social networking sites so make sure that your videos are “shareable.”

YouTube videos have embed codes, which allows anyone to post your videos in any site. But this is not enough to get more views. You have to promote your videos.

Post the video’s URL in your Facebook account. Tweet it to your followers. Email it to your subscribers. You can also blog about it (make sure to write an entertaining post telling your readers why watching the video is worth their time).

Social bookmarking sites are also great places to share your YouTube videos. Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon are some of the best sites to submit your video URL to.

Comment on Other Videos

Commenting on other videos can increase the chances of getting viewed because your video can appear at the bottom of the video you’ve just commented to. And if you’ve done a great job in writing a catchy title and video description, people who watch the same video (and comment on it) will see yours.

Leaving sensible comments on various videos is also a great way to interact with other YouTube users. Once you’ve established a relationship with others, they can click on your username and see the different videos you’ve posted.

You will get significant traffic for your blog by using YouTube. It’s highly effective and does not cost anything. It will enhance the results you’re already getting from traditional link building methods that you could already be using.

As long as you do it right—creating videos that have useful content—then you’re sure to significantly increase blog traffic.

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