Improve Your Blog Posts with Professional Proofreading

Whether you are learning English as a second language or you’re struggling with that college essay, it certainly pays to get someone to proofread your work. You could turn to your friends for some help, but it’s even better when you can turn to professionals with experience and expertise.

And that’s where a service like Cambridge Proofreading Ltd. can come into the picture. “Trusted by thousands of ESL speakers, students and international businesses,” they offer fast turnarounds and competitive pricing.

Who’s Doing the Proofreading?

It’s important that you get the right people to do the work. Just as you want to have a properly educated accountant handling your business taxes, the same is true when it comes to proofreading your written work.


As their name implies, Cambridge Proofreading Ltd. employs graduates from the esteemed Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to get into schools like Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, so that on its own can vouch for a lot of the quality of work that you should be getting.

However, not all of the staff at Cambridge Proofreading are actually Cambridge alumni. That said, they are very careful with the screening process for their team, carefully choosing select editors from other Red Brick (UK) and Ivy League (US) universities. The editors must have at least five years of professional proofreading and editing experience, as well as advanced qualifications, and membership in key industry bodies.

How Good Is the Proofreading?

Cambridge Proofreading says that their editors spend an average of sixty minutes to review every thousand words of writing. They use the “track changes” feature in Microsoft Word, so you can know exactly what they edited and why they did it. If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see that they check for vocabulary, tone, style, sentence structure, syntax, wordiness, redundancy, grammar, punctuation, formatting and more.


And it seems that they have had a lot of happy clients, coming from many different walks of life. These include students who want help with their term papers and essays, but also professionals who want help with their reports and other documents. Malaysian PhD student Abidin says that he is “very pleased” and his chapter “reads much better now.”

Of course, there are some regional differences in how we approach the English language too. Cambridge Proofreading takes care of that during the ordering process, asking if you’d prefer UK English, US English or Australian English.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost, as with any writing or editing project, will vary considerably. When you go through the order page, you upload the document you want edited and provide your name and email address. The two main factors that will affect the cost are the word count and the turnaround time.


As an example, a 1500-word document with a 24-hour return time has a regular price of $44, but there is a “special offer” price at the moment for $36. If you change that to a 72-hour turnaround, you save about $4 on the total cost. The pricing is similar when you get to higher word counts with a 5000-word document edited in 72 hours running in with a regular and special offer price of $100 and $80, respectively.

Considering that you are getting highly educated editors proofreading your work, this represents a pretty great value. It also helps that you can request as fast as a 12-hour return time, making Cambridge Proofreading great for that last minute edit before submitting your college paper.

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