How to Grow Your Blog’s Audience

By Ilana Morgan | Blogging

Jan 09
how to market your blog

how to market your blog

Starting up a blog can be a fun and exciting venture, whether it is for personal or business blogging. But how do you grow your audience when you first start your brand new blog?

Having a blog that sits there with five followers who happen to be the family members you bribed/forced to follow your blog can be quite disheartening to a new blogger.  Also comparing your blog to other similar blogs that seem to grow overnight is a no-no. Your blog is unique and so are you so stop comparing and start working on growing that audience via social media and other means.

The best way to start this is to determine your target audience. What age group, gender, nationality, interest groups would be drawn to your blog and your content? Some blogs market to specific niche groups but this can be difficult when you first start out. Start a little broader to begin with and you can always narrow it down later on.

The first thing to do is to promote your blog everywhere! Get some business cards give them to anyone and everyone. Join Twitter and Facebook and other social media sites to start to garner readership through these sites.  I actually have more readers on my Facebook page than on my Google Friend Connect!

Find forums and other blogs or websites that are similar to yours and reach out to these people. Leave comments on like-minded blogs, see if other bloggers will let you guest post on their blog and leave your links on forum and website posts.

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I have personally found that blog give-aways are a great way to draw in new readers and followers to your blog. You can make it a condition of entry into the give-away that the person follows your blog. Give-aways promoted on Twitter and give-away sites can bring in bigger numbers but you need to find give-away sites suitable for your blog’s market. The downfall of this is that some people only follow your blog to enter the give-away and then drop off the radar as soon as the give-away is drawn. This is the sad reality of the online world but something you must accept as a blogger.

Next is content. Make sure your content is well written with appropriate images. Keeping a schedule is important for blogging and blogging regularly will also help grow your blog as readers can see you are committed and not just writing when you feel like it.

Lastly make sure you have options for people to follow your blog. Be it Google Friend Connect, RSS, email and any other methods make sure these are visible to your readers!

Growing an audience for your blog doesn’t happen overnight and requires consistency and commitment. By following the advice above you should be able to reach your target audience in no time.

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About the Author

Ilana Morgan is a freelance writer, blogger and magazine editor from Australia who enjoys writing about fashion, design and technology. She writes successful vintage fashion blog and loves her cat, family and cups of tea.

Kapil January 9, 2013

Hi Ilana – you mention giveaways and this is something I’ve struggled with. I know Rafflecopter runs giveaways but what sort of prizes would you recommend? eBooks? Software?

    Zac Johnson January 9, 2013

    You’d be surprised as how well low end contest prizes actually do. Start with small and if it works well, move up in prize winners or prize cost. The most important part is picking something your audience will want to enter to win.

Alex Dumpfree January 9, 2013

Well said Ilana. Yes, patience and consistency is needed in starting a new blog. Any recommendations where to get freebies? Thank you for this post.

    Zac Johnson January 9, 2013

    If you have a decent sized blog you can ask for sponsors or companies to provide the gifts that you are giving away. This is usually in exchange for promotion on your blog.

MicroSourcing January 9, 2013

Promoting your blog in places where your intended audience is most likely to be, whether online or offline, would be a strategic way of funneling traffic to your blog.

Iftieaq Rahman January 10, 2013

Very useful and informative article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Deepak Singh January 10, 2013

Hi I have some question my first question is which one is better blog spot and word press and how to make them visible in search engine through Title because i have not seen any blog which one is ranking well in search engine. Kindly suggest me

Pramod January 11, 2013

Thanx for sharing such useful tips to increase blog audience. I just started my new blog and I will follow yours tips to increase my blog audience. Also I will try to host giveaway soon.

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