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I’m sure that you’re already using some type of social sharing buttons or toolbar on your blog. As you know, having a way for users to share your blog content is extremely important. However, are you making money from your choice of social sharing buttons? You’re probably using a WordPress plugin of some sort to add buttons to the top, bottom, or side of your content.

There’s nothing wrong with a WordPress plugin, but if you’re looking to add an extra stream of revenue to your blog you may want to consider It’s a free social sharing widget that includes an ad unit and social analytics dashboard. There’s no plugin to install on your blog, just a code to paste into your blog or website.

On’s website, it says that it’s “the only social sharing platform that generates revenue for your website.” I’m not sure if that’s true, but it definitely caught my attention. So here’s how works.

Getting Started

Click on the blue “Get it Now” button on’s home page. On the next page, you can choose one of seven different button styles and orientations for your blog.

Choose your preferred style of social sharing buttons.

You can also use the Customization Wizard to create your own style; you can add additional customizations such as size, share counters, and more. Click on the “Sign Up to Get the Code” button when you’ve selected your premade style of choice.

Customization Wizard

The Customization Wizard is nice because you can choose your preferred orientation, button styles, and services. By default only includes Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, and Post sharing (kind of like with AddThis) buttons.

Customize your set of social buttons with the Customization Wizard.

If you want other buttons like Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, etc., then you’ll need to use the Customization Wizard. You pretty much just click to select the items that you want to include. You can also drag-and-drop the services around and arrange them as you want.

Again, click on the “Sign Up to Get the Code” button when you’re done.


When signing up, make sure to check off the “I’m interested in generating revenue from,” if you’re looking to make money from ads. After you sign up for a account, you’ll get a code to paste into your blog or website. Then it’s just a matter of placing the social sharing buttons wherever you choose.

Dashboard and Analytics

Having a account allows you to see in depth statistics and analytics regarding the social shares on your blog. You can see total shares, clicks and virality.

View your total shares clicks and virality on the Dashboard.Of course, since you’ve just signed up for the service this section will be empty, but it will be nice to see the results after a week or two of using’s social buttons on your blog.

What Visitors See

After a visitor clicks on one of the social sharing buttons and shares your content, they’ll see a 300×250 sized ad. You can use ads here from a network that you’re a member of (i.e. Google AdSense), or you can use ads from

Post includes a 300x250 ad unit after sharing content.Just remember that the ad is optional. is a great social sharing platform and can stand on its own without the ad unit. I can’t find much information about the customization of the ad unit; it looks as though you’ll have to contact for further details and instructions.

Final Thoughts is definitely a unique social sharing platform. It’s easy to set up, easy to install, and makes you money. You can’t beat that!

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