The 6 Keys to Overcoming Bad, Blogging Habits

We’re already in 2013, a promising year for your Blogging business!   Bad Blogging habit

If you haven’t set goals to live by, you should consider doing it right away.

Perhaps, you’re stuck to bad blogging habits and want to overcome them.

Believe me, you’re not alone. Throughout the month of August last year, I did nothing to grow my business. I was “just” lazy.

I was literally watching movies, and reading adventure story books.

Procrastination is one of such bad blogging habits and very prominent with beginners and intermediates.

This post can help you overcome those habits. So that you can grow your blog’s traffic, build a formidable brand and start making a living online.

You didn’t start a blog just to write about your passion – it can become a real business if you make up your mind today.

Let’s quickly consider the 6 keys to overcome bad blogging habits. Don’t skim the post, please read it through. Let’s go:

1.    Have a blogging objective

The first key that’s worked for me is to have a blogging objective. So many people are being carried away by the hot trends; what Facebook’s founder is saying.

Like I said earlier, you need a direction or else, you’d miss out in the blogging world. It’s a crowded world out there and only those with a clear vision can survive.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve in your head, if it’s not written down, it’s only a mere wish. And wishes oftentimes don’t come alive. Or am I missing out something?

This year, challenge yourself to give your blog the much needed attention. Your audience is waiting to support you.

But without an objective, you’d be left standing alone in the dark. To overcome lack of vision, you need to write down the vision on paper, right now.

2.    Get a blogging mentor

No one can survive in isolation. You’ll always need someone who’s done what you’ve intentions to do. A blogging mentor could transform the way you research, network and produce content on a daily basis.

At times, it might seem as though you’re not going to succeed. At those moments, a credible mentor can step in and chip in a professional advice. That could change your life and reposition you.

Blogging is supposed to be a powerful tool for building engagement. But when you’re just starting out, there are technical lessons you MUST learn.

A mentor has the capacity; network, brand, influence and money to support you. Don’t stay all by yourself – get help from someone who truly care. Get started at content marketing blog.

3.    Don’t make resolutions for 2013

You can call me crazy, but New Year resolutions don’t seem to work for me. I’ve also seen people who promised to stick to their business, write content every day, but if you check their blogs today, what you’d see is a stale blog post which was published 15 days ago.

You need to understand the difference between making resolutions and setting goals. In point #1, I talked about having an objective for your blog.

That’s a wise step because that single act is going to hold you accountable for whatever outcome you experience.

Rather than making 10 resolutions for 2013, which you know deep down you can’t actualize, take baby steps instead. Start off the year with 1 – 2 actionable plans and improve on it as time goes by.

Making resolutions is a bad habit, because 85% of the time, it doesn’t produce results. Leave a comment if you didn’t agree with me on this.

4.    Dare what you’re afraid of

In 2012, I’ve a strong feeling that you were afraid of taking actions in some areas. I know for sure because I was scared, too.

I was scared of pitching a guest post idea to an A-list blogger. I thought there were magical secrets to it. I didn’t realize that industry leaders are much easier to convince than beginners (don’t be surprise).

In order to eliminate every fear and employ bravery into your blogging business, you should DARE what you’re afraid of.

In other words, if you’re scared of writing controversial articles like I did in point #3, try it out this year. It has the potential of making your post go viral.

Nothing can keep you stuck to a corner if only your dare to attack it. Yes, you already have the ability to win if you dare!

5.    Identify your active readers

Too often, bloggers are so concerned about readers who don’t appreciate their hard work.

People, who write negative feedback, comments and say all sorts of things against you shouldn’t bother you. You should concentrate more on your active readers. Those sets of readers who have supported you all through – they’re the “Real Asset.”

Once you can identify your active readers, begin to spend quality time listening, hearing and doing what they want. Learn to solve their problems and they’d stick around and refer their family & friends to your blog.

It’s a deadly habit to focus on competitors also. In case you didn’t know this, the fact that you’ve stiff competition is a sure sign that your niche is profitable.

You can trounce this seemingly impossible situation and profit BIG. Just focus on readers who matter – they’re waiting for your epic post.

6.    Write everyday – no excuses!

Bloggers are writers. If you aren’t producing quality content daily, it can get to a point when you’d lose your passion for helping people with your words.

As you already know, the web is powered by valuable content. Only those who have the inclination and have made a deliberate effort to change the world can attain success.

If you were consistent with your writing, you’d have improved tremendously, even though you didn’t study formal writing in School.

When I started my freelance writing business, I usually find it difficult to write in active voice. It was a BIG challenge for me, but as I persevered, I mastered it. Although I still make mistakes but you may not pinpoint that so easily.

Blogging takeaway

There you’ve it, the 6 keys to overcome bad blogging habits. As you climb the ladder of success this year, don’t forget to reach out to potential customers. Because that’s the only way to make money online, either through affiliate marketing or selling your service.

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You can use guest blogging to boost your traffic, brand and sales. What habit would you like to change as a blogger? Share your comment below – See you ahead!

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