The One Page of Your Blog That Everyone Wants to Read (And How to Optimise It)!

By Sophie Lizard | Blogging

Dec 30

The One Page on Your Blog That Everybody Wants to ReadWhat page of your blog gets the most views?

On the majority of blogs and websites, the “About” page is second only to the front page in terms of traffic.

When someone’s on your website and they like what they see, do you want them to find out more or do you want them to drift away?

Find out more, of course! Yet every day I visit blogs where the About page is neglected, to say the least.

Sometimes there isn’t one at all. Sometimes it’s there, but it says so little it might as well not exist. Sometimes it’s hidden away without a clear navigation link. I’m amazed that so many bloggers apparently don’t want me to learn more about them!

Here are 3 simple tips to make your About page work for you…

1. Make Your About Page Easy to Find

If your reader finds the first page or post they land on interesting, they want to know more about you. So they skip over your carefully-laid navigational trails, ignore your list of related posts, and scroll back up to the top looking for a link that says “About”.

They’re looking for that exact word, because anyone who’s been using the world wide web for more than a few weeks starts to expect certain standard navigational features and layouts. The About page is a long-standing web design convention, so why break with tradition?

Call it “About” in your navigation menus. Or “About Us”, “About [Brand Name]”… you get the picture. You can use custom menus to do this even if your on-page title is something else. For example, you can see in this screenshot of my freelance writer website that the page is titled “This Is Me”, but the navigation menus still say “About”.

This Is Me: Sophie Lizard, Freelance Writer

2. Get Real About Who You Are

Show your visitors a real human face! Add a short video clip to introduce yourself, or, if that strikes terror into your soul, then at least give people a photo of yourself or your team. Your logo may be nice to look at, but it doesn’t engage your audience’s emotions in the same way as a genuine image of a real live person.

Be conversational, and avoid writing about yourself in the third person. Instead of “Sophie Lizard is a freelance blogger and copywriter. She has extensive experience and is extremely reliable,” write “You need a freelance writer you can rely on. That’s me –  I’ve been blogging and writing copy for years.”

3. Give Them A Next Step

Add a simple contact link or form at the end of your About page, so that interested readers won’t have to hunt around for a way to get in touch with you. On my About page I have a contact link at the bottom of the page and my contact details in the sidebar, just to be sure they can’t be missed!

Alternatively, give your readers a way to connect with you even if they’re not ready to make direct contact. Links to your LinkedIn profile. Facebook page, Twitter and so on are a good way to do this.

Or you could give them a link to yet more information about you, like maybe your resume. The best next step for your About page depends on what you’re blogging for and who your readers are.

Benefit More from Your About Page

These 3 tips are very basic and simple, but you’ll be surprised how much more useful your About page becomes to you when you make it human and engaging with a clear call to action.

You’ll get more interaction with people who are truly interested in what you’re doing.

You’ll get more approaches from potential customers, advertisers or sponsors, and more offers of paid freelance blogging work.

You’ll be glad you took a few minutes today to get your About page ready for action!


About the Author

Sophie Lizard is a successful freelance blogger on a mission to help bloggers increase their income by blogging for hire. Grab a free copy of her freelance blogger's cheat sheet, The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs: 45 Blogs That Will Pay You $50 or More, and take a look at the free "How to Make A Living Blogging" Expert Interview Sessions!

Kelvin Wealth December 31, 2012

Thanks Sophie for this great piece again…. I thought I had a perfect about page until I read this post… I’ve got a lot of changes to make on my About page. I so much believe applying these tips will increase the number of clients I will get through my blog.

Thanks for sharing this

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Thanks Kelvin, glad I could give you something new to think about. Let me know how your revamped About page works for you!

Angela December 31, 2012

Hey Sophie

Yip…you’ve offered some sound advice. Thank you. It sounds like common sense, but it’s amazing how often we miss the obvious isn’t it? I’ll be relooking at my ‘about’ page with this post in mind!

In your opinion is it better to have a separate website/blog for freelance writing (to serve as an online resume and portfolio) or is it enough to have a ‘hire me’ and/or ‘portfolio’ page on my blog? FYI…I’m not referring to my current blog in this instance, I’m planning on starting a new one shortly. Cheers, Ang 😉

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Hey Angela, that’s a very common question – it depends on your blog topics and the type of work you’d like to do. I have a freelance writing portfolio website separate to my blogs, because I wanted to be able to refer people to one site that shows a selection of my work on different topics.

    Full disclosure: I also thought it might be a good idea to have a writer site on which I didn’t use as much potentially offensive language as I sometimes do in my “just for fun” blog posts. 😉

Ruan December 31, 2012

Great tips here Sophie! It was good to find that I already have these implemented and that I’ve been on the right track from the start. I guess that comes with being around blogosphere for a while, especially writing for a couple of bigger blogs out there…

All the best for 2013!

P.S. I heard a little bird whisper into my ear that 2013 is going to be an excellent year for freelance bloggers! 😉

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Excellent, Ruan – you’ve moved beyond the basics with your About page, now let’s see you move up in your freelance blogging career throughout 2013! Happy new year. :)

Anwar Hussain January 1, 2013

good tips! i like reading and will consider implementing these ideas with my blog…

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Thanks Anwar, that’s great to hear.

Hassan Azam January 1, 2013

Great Post, It describes the importance of a About Page on a Blog, Everyone should keep optimize their about us pages as they are one of the most viewed pages of the blog!
Thanks for the post….

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Exactly, Hassan. Business is about people, so the more you show that you’re an approachable human being, the more business you can get.

marwa January 1, 2013

amazing topic really .i guess i will use these tips in the about page which i am working on that will make my blog better thanks for sharing these useful information

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Thanks Marwa, let me know how it goes!

Sheila Bergquist January 2, 2013

This is a wonderful post because it is something some people don’t put much effort into. I think it’s super important to have a picture, at least, of yourself. It makes it more personal and you become more trustworthy. Great post! Happy New Year Sophie!

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Thanks Sheila, you’re right – people don’t always realise how much value their About page can have, so they don’t make the effort to optimise it. And happy new year to you too!

Susan B. Bentley January 2, 2013

Great post Sophie, so true! Humans want to do business with humans so make your About page personal. It took me ages to have the guts to add my photo to my About page but, as soon as I did, I started seeing the returns.

    Sophie Lizard January 3, 2013

    Absolutely, Susan, and I’m glad to hear another real-life example of how well these basic tips work! Now I think I’ll have to take a break and head over to your blog so I can find out what cats can teach us about freelancing…

Patti Hale January 2, 2013

Do you think there is such a thing as providing too much information? For example, I use my about page as a place to recruit customers for my writing and, after a short folksy blurb about me, list sever writing credits. I wonder if this is too much?

    Sophie Lizard January 4, 2013

    Hi Patti, yep, you can swamp people with too much info. It makes the reader feel overwhelmed and sometimes they give up instead of reading on.

    To avoid having that effect, you could probably cut your lists down to just the top 5 on your About page, and if you want to give full details do it via a link to your portfolio, resume or testimonials. Let me know how it goes!

Jeet January 3, 2013

Thank You very much for providing such an important tip. I removed the ‘About’ page from my blog accidentally but never bothered to add again. But seems like I’ll have to do it ASAP…

    Sophie Lizard January 4, 2013

    Hi Jeet, yeah, I would probably re-add it. Otherwise all your readers could be dying to learn more about you, but you’d never know it!

Kumar Gauraw January 3, 2013

Very powerful article and I couldn’t agree more with you. I recently upgraded my About page as well and I am glad I did. After reading this article, people really get an idea about the importance of the second most popular page of their website :-)

Thanks for sharing tips in such an awesome and organized fashion. Going to share on social media now.

    Sophie Lizard January 4, 2013

    Hey Kumar, thanks! Great to hear about another successful About page revamp. :)

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