5 Breakthrough Methods for Attracting Attention to Your Blog

The explosion of the blogosphere has made it ridiculously easy for anyone to start their own blog, even if they know next to nothing about webpage design or basic HTML coding. The challenge, however, has moved from starting and maintaining a blog to standing out in this crowded and competitive field. Fortunately, the drive of technology and the advancement of digital broadcasting and communicating have not slowed with it. There are a number of services, tricks, and techniques that can help you to stand out in such a crowded universe.

1. Social networking

Breakthrough Methods for Attracting Attention to Your Blog - Blogging TipsThese days, Facebook and Twitter are must-haves for any blog looking to leave a footprint on the Internet. They not only capture the attention of readers while they are away from your blog, but they also streamline the communication process and can drive tons of readers to your blog with the click of a mouse.

The key, of course, is regular maintenance. It takes more than just posting the latest updates, stories, and media to social media sites to engage your readers. It’s up to the blogger to maintain that level of communication by interacting with them. It lets them know they are aware of their readers’ presence and unafraid to engage with them. Sometimes, a simple “retweet” or a “like” on a response or comment can spark a wave of new readers.

2. Digital media

It takes more than a sharp tongue and a talent for colorful writing to bring in an audience for a blog. Visual media is just as important as the written word, if not more so, for blogs.

The rise of YouTube has made it easier than ever to embed quality video, but it’s not the only option. Vidicom, for example, offers a number of more interactive options to stream digital media content from blogs and other social networking sites that can engage readers and visitors rather than just spew media at them.

3. Search engine optimization

Search engines such as Google and Bing might be driving the majority of hits to your blog, but they aren’t the only way to deliver hits to your space in the blogosphere. A big majority of these hits also come from sites like YouTube, Craigslist, and other hot button Internet properties.

Learning the methods of search engine optimization (or SEO, for short) are a key component in improving your blog traffic and maintaining the audience they can provide. These methods start with knowing how to format and present your blog in a way that maximizes its SEO potential when it makes its way to the big search engines and websites. It involves more than just knowing where to place the right keywords and links. It’s about finding the purpose of your blog to attract the right audience and keeping their attention by making it accessible and easy to navigate.

4. Mobile accessibility

The rise of devices such as the iPhone and Android phones as well as touch screen tablets have opened a new method of access that, for the first time, doesn’t require the use of a computer. Over six billion people throughout the world can read the news, shop at their favorite stores, and even interact with people through a number of mobile devices.

The rise of mobile accessibility also presents a new challenge to bloggers and their latest projects. Several blogging services such as WordPress make it easier for their bloggers to tailor their blogs to mobile readers, but there are other steps one can take to ensure they maximize the effectiveness of their communication for mobile readers. These tips can not only bring in a huge audience, but they can also streamline a blog and make it just as easy to access and navigate if someone is reading it on their desktop computer.

5. Interact with other blogs

It might not sound like the most high-tech solution such as building an app for your blog or adding streaming content, but that’s because it’s probably the simplest solution.

The blogosphere may have added hundreds of thousands of unique voices and blogs to the Internet, but it’s also given these blogs hundreds of thousands of other ways to bring more attention to their blogs as well. Commenting systems let anyone post their responses to content and can drive readers who might interested in a commenter’s views to their own blogs. Guest posts have also become a popular way to not only drive traffic to a blog but can also provide new content to other blog and create a new community of bloggers and readers that use each other to build and maintain their audience.

This guest post was written by Danny Gallagher.

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