Blogging Tips for Beginners

By Zac Johnson | Blogging

Dec 29

Millions of blogs are started every day, which means there are millions of new bloggers who a starting out from ground zero every month.

We all started out somewhere. Imagine if we knew then what we know today?

In this post I’m going to run through five quick, yet effective tips for any beginning bloggers out there.

Blog Questions and AnswersTake it One Day at a Time…

There are many reasons why people start a blog of their own. Hopefully it’s because they have an interest in something and not looking to make a quick buck, but many are looking for quick gains.

One of the best ways to find failure in the blogging, is by trying to do too much too fast. Don’t try and rush through setting your blog up, adding content and bringing in a ton of backlinks, it just doesn’t work that way.

Blogging is a Slow Process…

Yes, blogging is a very slow process… which is why you need to take it one day at a time.

In the beginning days, weeks or even months of your blog you will be writing for yourself. However this won’t be forever.

Every blog has to start out somewhere and as you build up your content and links over time, more people will find your old content that you first started blogging with.

Content & Monetization is Key…

It doesn’t matter if you are blogging for fun or for profit, you should always keep quality in mind.

If you are going to blog for profit, then it will really be a key factor into your business model.

The content you write will play a big part in how you monetize your site and brand down the road.

Blog montization can be anything from banner advertising, paid reviews, Google Adsense and affiliate marketing just to name a few. Keep these monetization methods in the back of your mind when first starting out your blog.

It’s All About the Brand…

Throw the content and monetization out the window for a moment and just think about your brand.

Before you go crazy thinking about how you can make money with your blog, think about how you want others to portray your brand.

Blogging is a very slow process but if you still with it you will have thousands of posts and a very powerful brand in the years to come.

Don’t sacrifice your blog content for a few dollars now and have a bad reputation or brand down the road.

Slow & Steady Wins the Blogging Game…

No one said blogging was easy. Sure, it’s cheap and quick to setup a blog, but actually finding success is where all of the time and work comes in.

The best advice we can give you is to stick with it and stay active in the blogging community.

Guest blog on other sites, keep working on your writing and focus on your quality and content.

The rest is history. Write for your readers, not for the search engines or money.


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Bluebird797 December 30, 2012

Really very good blogging tips. Very useful content that is helpful for blogger.

Anurag December 30, 2012

In reality, Blogging is the slowest way to earn money online but when the earning starts no one could stop it. Because of this many bloggers quit before even they start by wanting results very quickly. Good Post, every newbie should read it. BTW do I have to really by that ebook of yours to guest post here?? Is there any other way?? Do reply.

GS December 31, 2012

If we are unable to wait, then what method we should adopt to get traffic? How about Facebook Pages, should we get traffic from Facebook Pages?

Ummeed December 31, 2012

Really a great post bro. I true believe patience is important and the content should be The Best. Your site is truly awesome. keep up your good work.
Regards and Wishes

Rafaqat Ali January 2, 2013

it is strong reality that traffic is necessary for the survival of blog, and according to my vision there are other number of ways that can help a new be to be a pro blogger and the top of them are commenting,directory submission and guest posting.

Jade January 3, 2013

Thanks for this article, I am a new blogger and has been looking for several advice on what to do, but I’m blogging about a passion, rather than for just making money, and I understand blogging is a slow process some blogs take three years to reach the stage they are at and I’m wiling to wait.

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