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As much as we like to value our individuality, the fact of the matter is that most of us tend to follow the crowd. We go to websites like Urbanspoon and Yelp to research restaurants, seeing how our fellow diners rated the food and the service. If the restaurant has a high rating, we’re more likely to go. Other social platforms on the Internet work in much the same way and Internet marketers have known this for some time.

If a Twitter account has a lot of followers or a Facebook page has a lot of likes, that higher perceived level of popularity will intrigue other people. In general, average Joe web surfer is more likely to follow a Twitter account if it already has a lot of followers. As a marketer or brand manager, how can you achieve that for your own profiles? Devumi offers a possible solution for your social media marketing.

What Is Devumi?

Devumi offers a specific set of social media services. The idea here is that you can get more views, more likes, more retweets and more followers with a simple one-time fee.


The available services span a number of popular social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. When you pay a set one-time fee, you buy yourself a set number of subscribers, followers or whatever other main (and public) metric for your social media account.

You do not need to provide them with your account credentials, because everything is done outside of your account. Devumi says that its services are safe and there is no risk of your social media account getting suspended. The service is discreet and private, so no one will ever know that you used Devumi to get your new followers, likes or subscribers.

Get Twitter Followers

Let’s say, for example, that you want to buy Twitter followers. How does that work and how much does it cost?


Unlike some other services that require access to your account and may force you to follow other accounts, that’s not at all the case with Devumi. All they need is your Twitter username and your payment. The basic starter package gets you 1000+ new Twitter followers in less than 48 hours and that costs a one-time fee of $12. You can then ramp all the way to a $64 to get over 10,000 new followers. There are even enterprise-level packages for 100,000+ Twitter followers for $397.

Another Twitter service offered by Devumi is to buy retweets. This starts at $17 for 50+ retweets of a single tweet, up to $147 for 2500+ retweets, which can be split on up to 10 original tweets. Completion on these ranges from 2 to 3 days.

Gain More Facebook Likes

If you’d rather buy Facebook likes, the system works in much the same way. You don’t need to give access to your account here either.


The Facebook “like” packages start at $37 for 1000+ likes, to be completed within four days. Again, there are different levels, going all the way up to $297 for over 10,000 new likes. These are for “likes” on your Facebook page, whether that’s set up for your blog, your company, or whatever else.

There are also Facebook photo likes packages starting at $17 for 100+ guaranteed likes, up to $74 for 1000+ guarantted photo likes.

What You’re Really Getting

You have to understand what you are really getting when you pay for one of the Devumi packages. The new followers you buy, for example, are “real” Twitter accounts, but they’re largely inactive. Even so, they’re not “empty” profiles, since Devumi ensures that these accounts at least have real profile pictures, bios and several tweets. This aids in their authenticity. The same can be said about their other social media services.

The goal of Devumi is to “strengthen your social credibility,” helping to bolster those numbers so that you can attract a larger number of “true” followers, likes, fans, and subscribers. Given that, the pricing sounds like a pretty good deal and since, in the case of Twitter, you don’t have to follow back, that should further aid in how your “social credibility” is perceived by the public.

There’s a money-back gurantee, as well as a retention guarantee. What this means is that if any of the paid followers unfollow you, they’ll automatically be replaced so you retain the minimum that you paid for.

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