3 Things That Make You Look Like A Newbie Blogger Even Though You’re Not

3 Things That Make You Look Like A Newbie Blogger Even Though You're NotEvery blogger has had the first day of the blog. Even though an adequate knowledge of blogging might have been a challenge, the level of excitement during the early days of blogging is always at the peak for new bloggers. Though the traffic is very less in the beginning, each unique hit for the new site owner is a joy in itself.

But as time grows, so does the level of the blogger. After a certain point, one cannot just be referred to as a newbie blogger provided that the blog is doing well. Yet there are some bloggers who are well experienced and dedicated towards their blog, but are avoiding certain acts which, at the level (of an experienced blogger), don’t suit them.

Following are three things that can make an expert blogger look like a newbie to the readers and visitors.


As said by almost every expert out there that quality is the key to everything in the world of blogging. At a good extent, the experienced bloggers do provide the best quality content. But when it comes to monetization, they’re so much behind the digits that they assimilate the ad banners at places within the articles that exceedingly upset the reader’s experience.

This act is compared with newbie bloggers because if you get a chance to pass by a newly launched blog, you might probably see ad banners surrounding the content, filling the sidebars, stuffing the headers and pushing the footer of the blog – something that is not at all recommended by anyone in this blogosphere.

Futile Email Broadcasts

Assuming that proficient bloggers are smart enough to make the use of email marketing services (such as Aweber, Mailchimp etc.), they do try and expand their lists and are often successful to fill up a good number of emails in the same. What happens thereafter is something to concentrate at.

Such veteran bloggers who have a good number of active email subscribers often send out useless, worthless, and sometimes completely irrelevant broadcast messages. These messages are often promotional emails either being sponsored by the product owner, or affiliate products through which the blogger can earn commissions upon sales.

The reason why this act if compared to that of the newbie bloggers is because when the latter start getting a few email subscribers, this is what they do. As many as 4 emails are sometimes sent out by a newbie blogger on whose list hardly reside a total of 20 subscribers!

Unceasing Social Sharing

Many expert bloggers yet practice the act of being a ‘social-sharing machine gun’. They tend to share almost about 10 articles of their blogs on all the social networks on a daily basis. Such acts not only annoy the fans/friends/followers, but also tend to reduce the current number of the same.

It is obvious that an excited newbie blogger would do that, because the joy of every published post will give that newbie blogger a boost in the excitement level. But it is not something that is suitable for a blogger that has a good fan-base and followership on different social networks.


The above acts, if by newbie bloggers, can be considered to be somewhat innocent because they are yet learning. But if they’re practiced by expert bloggers – there are things that need a change.

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