Why Your Blog Should Be Mobile Friendly

Today mobile technology is outselling PC’s , as numerous sources, like IDC research group and other organizations are telling us. The reasons are many, including the ease at which you can take your mobile device with you, the proliferation of applications that make mobile devices more useful ,and the ability to buy insurance to protect your devices has become easier. Small businesses everywhere are developing solutions for mobile technology, and that, along with the lower cost to entry make it a no brainer.

Is Your Blog Mobile FriendlyThere are many advantages to creating a mobile friendly site. Once you open your site up to mobile users, you can start using different types of advertisements bringing people to your blog including QR Codes in magazines or newspapers. Plus, imagine how great it is that your readers are sitting on the bus reading your article about how to collaborate better, and then being able to implement them right on the spot due to the various apps they have on their Smartphones or mobile devices.

Because more people are buying mobile devices, that means they’re also browsing the web with mobile devices. Nothing is more irritating than wanting to read your favorite blog or website via your Smartphone and you can’t read it easily because it is not optimized for mobile devices. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of a reader, whether a new reader or old reader, each time. Don’t waste their time. Especially since it’s rather easy to make your site mobile friendly. Depending on what type of website you have, it may be as simple as a line of code, or in the case of WordPress, a plugin.

You can also use third party services such as Consected.com or other services like it to help you create a simple mobile version of your website. But, usually you can find easy code to make it work depending upon your website builder. You can have a dedicated mobile site like the above, or you can create a responsive design that looks good on any device because it detects the screen size in use and renders accordingly. The last choice is the best choice because Google will rank your blog higher in search engines if your site is responsive.

If you don’t create a mobile friendly blog you are greatly limiting the viewership of your blog. Thus, you are cutting down the amount of money you can make via advertising, direct sales, and list sign ups. If your budget is short, make your site friendly by using pretty (and big) buttons instead of clickable text, using dropdown menus, and simple navigation. Also, eliminate the use of all pop-ups as these do not play nice with mobile devices. Plus, they’re rather irritating to PC users anyway.

Due to the high value of mobile devices today, people are treating them and using them just like personal computers. After all, an iPhone today has more memory and more functionality than my first IBM clone computer back on the early 1990’s. People treat their iPhones and mobile devices just like expensive computers by insuring them, buying covers for them, and protecting them. But more importantly, due to this, they take them with them everyplace, so you’re always at your readers fingertips. Literally.

This guest post was written by Stephanie is a soloprenuer, blogger and author at Barry Publishing. She writes extensively about small business apps and technology for well respected companies such as protectyourbubble.com.

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