How Guest Blogging Can Bring You More Freelance Writing Projects

If you’ve been a freelance writer from a good enough of time, you know how hard it is to get potential clients to your service. Getting clients is quite a lot different from getting potential clients. Rather most of the clients from the former category end up negotiating the price and finally leave without even letting you write something after all.

Personally, I’ve been a freelance writer for more than a year and all during this time, I can easily divide the time into two- before and after I started guest blogging. Guest blogging really helped me a lot in getting well paying clients for my writing service. See how guest blogging can bring you more clients

Get Exposure

You are just a no man on this internet, just like the billion others. So, if you want more clients, they should first know you and to do so, you need a little exposure. In fact, no other possible free service on earth can throw light on you as much as guest blogging does. Because, when you post something interesting on an niche blog with some good reputation and readership; all the people who read your post on that blog will obviously get to know you and what else?

Show Them What You Got

Another reason why most of the people doubt, if they should let you work on the project. They, indeed, look for someone who has a good writing style and also some good enough knowledge on the subject. So, always write guest posts on a topic of your interest and submit them to relevant niche blogs. Because, the target audience, you’ve been looking for, will always be on niche blogs. More importantly, my advice for any of the freelance blog-article writer is to focus on single topic rather than being a freelance writer who can write on babysitting as well as on SEO. It is definitely not going to show any impact on your projects because, if you focus on a single topic; you’ll be rather called a copywriter, rather than a freelance writer. And you’ll also be considered a man of good knowledge on that topic.

Make It Your Portfolio

What else can be put to highlight your portfolio? For a designer, his own design works can be put in his portfolio but for a writer, articles published on his own blog/site will never get a peep even if they worth it. So, try submitting as many guest posts as possible to all the high-profiled blogs of your niche. Trust me, this really works. Whenever someone asks me for samples or portfolio, I send them the list of guest posts that were published on sites like FamousBloggers, BloggingTips, ShoutMeLoud etc., and the deal immediately turns good with no negotiations. Another best example would be Kristi Hines, a freelance writer and the owner of Kikolani. If you see her personal blog, the portfolio is completely filled with guest posts that Kristi had submitted to many blogs on various topics related to internet.

Another thing, I must let you know is, the author byline. Unless and until you write it attractive enough, I doubt if you can get any response regarding your freelance writing thing. For a guest post, the most important part the guest blogger should take care of is itself the byline. Those two-three lines of content can really show a great impact on you. You can expect huge referral traffic from those two lines or sometimes, you may finally end up getting none. It all depends on how well you execute about yourself.

So, you are here to promote your freelance writing service and get some exposure at the same time too, right? Well, the exposure thing- you can however get it if you can produce a great article. But, the primary thing is that you should let people know that you are a freelance writer, looking for projects. You can convey this either through the article, cleverly or you can also put the same in the author bylines. I just want to tell you, make the byline as interesting as the actual article or even more than that. And more importantly, let the readers contact you easily. Don’t make them search for your name on Google, click on the right item, search for contact page (if provided) and finally end up scratching their head solving the captcha code on your contact form.

This post was written by Koundeenya, a blogger and a freelance writer. On my blogs, I write about Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y and Blogging Tips. I love reading books and writing for my clients. So, if you have something to write, do let me know. Do not regret even if you have a book suggestion for me. I read every email.

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