What’s Stopping You From Being A ‘Great’ Blogger – Part 3

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

– Warren Buffett

What's Stopping You From Being A 'Great' Blogger - Price & ValueIf you consider your blog as a business, then you might understand the point being made here in a better way. If you don’t, consider it to be a one and then think whether a business would really get a kick-start without any valuable investment in and for it or not? A simple answer to this question is NO. That’s because any tangible quality item in this world is not free, and so is any digital item that you purchase and use online.

Any blog needs some good investment – in it and for it. Just like a business invests in its offices, transportation, employment, advertising etc., a blog also needs to invest money at various important events, for several different items.

Most webmasters believe that investing in buying the domain name and hosting was a lot. But in the current situations, it’s nothing more than buying a full family lunch. There are cases that read, “I have invested $100 in hosting! Yet I don’t get any engagement on my blog”. This is not a single case – there are thousands more like this who believe that investing in the beginning of the blogging journey was enough to have a completely well settled blog, but that is not at all true.

The Lack Of Investment

The lack of investment often results because the web-master or the blogger is not really passionate about the site. If something known as ‘passion’ existed in those bloggers’ cases, they would definitely invest some money in order to bring the success that they always wanted their blog to achieve.

In the previous two articles of this serious, the ‘uniqueness’ and ‘design’ was discussed. Both of them can actually be linked to investment. This is discussed in the solution below.

Possible Solutions & Ideas

A question frequently raised by many bloggers is that “Where can I invest if I want my blog to grow?” and as usual, there’s a simple answer to it – Your blog is capable of handling several tools which are developed for it to grow. It is meant to join several services that help it to grow, both organically and socially.

Here are some ideas where one can invest and make the best use of the same.

  • Plugins (If WordPress is being used) – Investing in plugins that are worth it has always been a great advantage to the investors. This is because the plugins invested into are capable of carrying out function, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without the same.
  • Themes/Templates – As mentioned in the second part of this series. Though it requires some predominant research work to be done, it’s always worth to pay for what you always wanted.
  • Custom Designs By Hiring Developers – If you’re able to afford, then why not?
  • Communities – Which normally charge a very small amount every month or year. Communities are indeed very helpful to build relationships with fellow bloggers inside and even outside your niche.
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