Quora: An Endless Wellspring of Blog Post Ideas

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Dec 17

Blogging is a demanding pastime and an even more demanding career. Among other things, one of the most difficult challenges involved in maintaining a blog for the long term is coming up with new ideas to write about. Perhaps you are writing in a niche that doesn’t have much news or new features on which to report. Perhaps you are having trouble posting something new without rehashing your old content. In these cases and others, using Quora may be your saving grace.

Quora is still a relatively new social platform, but it is infinitely useful to you as a blog owner. Quora is a question and answer community, where people ask questions to which others contribute answers. (Think Yahoo Answers with less trolls.) You can search for questions, browse by topic, or ask your own questions.

Quora is a tool that many blog owners swear by to find content ideas. It’s great for figuring out what your readers want to read about – after all, even if just one person has asked a question about something on Quora, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other people looking on the internet for a solution to the same question. You can see how people phrase their questions; an amateur looking for something online is unlikely to use industry jargon. All of this is great for search engines and content marketing because a question and answer on your blog are likely to be full of naturally-occurring keywords.

When you sign up, you are given the opportunity to connect with your Twitter or Facebook – be sure to take advantage of this feature, either now or later. That way people who find your answers useful can follow you. After that you can give Quora your interests and follow certain categories. Be sure to follow anything related to what you write about on your blog.

Now you can begin looking for questions. You can start with broad categories, or even search for the keywords people already use to find your blog to see if there are related topics you haven’t addressed. Quora’s search bar will give you suggestions related to what you type.

By default, the search results consist of what Quora calls “Top Stories” – a variety of questions, answers, and promoted posts. To see just questions, click “Questions” underneath the search bar.
After a bit of searching, you probably will have found a new idea (or several!) for a blog post. That’s great! But the usefulness of Quora doesn’t end there.

Write your blog post. For the benefit of searchers, be sure to use some of the language of the original question in your post, perhaps as a title. Make it as useful, unique, and insightful as you can! Finally, when you finish the post, return to the question on Quora. List a few of your points in an answer, and link to your post. Although the link is nofollow, it doesn’t hurt – you already wrote the post, after all.

This can easily become a regular part of your blog post promotion. Each time you finish a new post, do a quick search on Quora for questions asking exactly what you wrote about. If you find one, be sure to leave a helpful comment, with a link to your blog post for more information. Over time, as you become more of an authority for your subject on Quora, you are likely to see decent traffic coming in from interested Quora users who want to learn more about the topic.

This post was written by Adrienne Erin. By day, Adrienne works to produce contractor software; by night, she is an aspiring writer and blogger. When she’s not blogging, you might find her practicing French, whipping up a recipe she found on Pinterest, or obsessing over snail mail.

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shafeeq December 17, 2012

i use topsy to find my posting ideas…it is very usefull for me to find out trending topics.also i used google trends.but it is new for me…but is just like google suggestion tool?

Hadley December 17, 2012

Never heard of Quora before but it sounds interesting, I’ll have to incorporate it intto my social media strategy.

Daisy December 18, 2012

I found this very interesting as I am looking at starting a blog next year and don’t quite know where to start. Will definitely look at Quora as it seems to be a good blog promotional tool and of course a great resource for ideas and solutions.

Blogger Whale December 20, 2012

Quora seems to be promising.Lets hope it does not turns out to be spammy like Yahoo Answers..

daveM December 24, 2012

Definitely I have to investigate as to how to use Quora as I am about to start writing articles on a more frequent basis. Knowing what people are interested in is important. Thanks for this post, and thanks Zac for this super informative blog.

Joe Hart January 11, 2013

I checked it out..it seems to be a great source for finding content ideas….its much more organized than Yahoo Answers..

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