How to Create a Professional Post that is Useful and Gets you Involved in the Blogosphere

One of the most important things to consider when writing your blog posts is how well they will read, provide quality content to your audience and if they will actually be shared across the major social networks. In this post we are going to cover many of these topics and help you write posts that get people involved in your own blogosphere and social network.

Recently I wrote the post top 25 make money online guest post blogs which took me several days of research, formatting, writing, proof reading and adding and editing images. But all that work paid off in spades in the end, it got several retweets and facebook likes and I had a noticeable spike in traffic after it was published. It just shows that a little bit of extra effort in both making your post and promoting it afterwards can go a long way. Here is how I created it and what tools I used to help me along the way.


For this kind of post where you need to give information about other blogs the research is the most important factor. If you get any of your facts wrong your post will be flogged in the comments section and on social sites and you will also put off the blogger that you mentioned in the post. Luckily for me I knew a lot of the bloggers and their sites well but I still needed to make sure that everything was correct.

First of all I needed to find and carefully read their guest posting guidelines. I had to do this so that I could boil down the critical information that my readers needed. Website visitors are notorious for their need to get through articles quickly and so it was necessary to put the information in its most condensed form.

The next thing was to scrawl through the about me page looking for the name of the webmaster of the site. I thought this was important for the readers so that they could make contact with the webmasters without having to read the other blogs about me page as well. This adds value for the readers because it will save them those valuable seconds that we all crave to get back.

There are a couple of tools that I used as well to find out what the pagerank and the alexa rank of the particular blogs. This is useful because it gives you an idea of the value that the backlink to your site is going to provide in terms of SEO and the alexa rank will give you an idea of the kind of traffic that you can expect. I use the alexa toolbar  firefox addon  which shows both of these at the top of the site. If you don’t use Mozilla or don’t want to download any addons then the online tools for pagerank and to check the alexa rank work just as well they just take a little longer.


I decided for this post that images of the blog logos were important to the overall look of the post. It would allow the user to get some continuity between my website and their click through to one of the top guest post blogs. This is because if they see the logo on my site and then click through they should see the logo as soon as they hit the guest post blog.
Also the pictures add a nice attractive finish to the post that it wouldn’t otherwise have. I didn’t want to add a picture at the top of the post so these images were my chance to make it look good.

How I Got the Logos

Believe it or not the logos were quite difficult to get hold of. I wanted all of them to be the same width and also they were not all available on google for me to get hold of straight away so I had to be a little creative.

I wanted to do it without buying any software so photoshop was out of the question. The first thing that I did was to print the screen and then paste it into paint. Then I cropped the logo out of that image. After this to adjust the image size I needed a more specialized program so I found and downloaded Gimp 2. It is a great free alternative to Photoshop and it allows you to resize images easily as well as adjust the quality to save the loading time of your site. You select the option in gimp 2 to create from clipboard and it will show you the image of the logo on its own. Then you simply resize the image to the width you want (I chose 300 pixels) and then it was ready to upload and place within the post. If you don’t want to download the gimp 2 software then there is a free online tool at where you can resize your images.

One last thing, make sure that you export your image so that you can save it as a .jpeg image rather than a .PNG. This will save you space and save your users the extra loading times.


Now that the post was ready and looking how I wanted it, it was time to try and get people to read it. This is arguably the most important part of any post because if no one comes to read it then what’s the reason for spending all that time writing it?

The first thing I did was to publish it to my own social networks which should be standard for any post that you write. Then I took it a little further and searched for relevant facebook groups to post the link into. To do this it is a good idea to write a small but unique comment to introduce your link, this way your link doesn’t look like spam and facebook users know a little bit about the post before they click through.

My next method for promotion was to email the webmasters of all of the various sites that I had mentioned and tell them about it. This isn’t a usual method of promotion but because of the nature of this kind of post it was definitely worth a go. In the email I, very politely, explained what the post was about, that I had included a couple of backlinks to their site and asked them if they would be able to mention the post on their social networks. Believe it or not the response was really good. People are always happy to hear that they are among the best and about 10 out of the 25 emailed me back with a positive reply.

Now the final method of promotion I am using right now is to write articles (like this one!) that will both send traffic to the post as well as improve its SEO potential. My personal preference for this method is to do this kind of promotion slowly over the long term and increase this posts potential over time. If however you want to get a huge spike in traffic over a short period of time you could put more effort into preparing these posts beforehand. First finish writing the flagship post and before you publish it prepare a series of other posts that you can send of for guest posts on other blogs. While it is out of your control when these are published you can send then off on the same day so that you have the most chance of getting a large boost in traffic.

The benefits of this kind of post were really worthwhile. I have developed my relationships with other bloggers, I got a lot of traffic for that particular post and it has provided a permanent resource for both me and my readers to use. It is this kind of post that is going to launch your blog into the blogosphere so put in that little bit of extra time and effort and you will definitely notice the results.

This post was written by John Burnside who writes in the internet marketing and make money online niche. If you want to learn how to earn an income online then please follow him on twitter @moneyin15.

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