The Future of Google AdSense and How Bloggers Make Money Online

Internet advancement has provided a wide range of opportunities for people to make ‘easy’ money at the comfort of their homes. One of these options is PPC, commonly referred to as Pay Per Click advertisements that enable bloggers and publishers to earn money as visitors click on Ads available on their WebPages. Even though this revenue sharing program has been praised as one of the easiest money earning tricks on the internet, the truth of the matter is that these earnings are not made on a silver platter. In fact, some bloggers and publishers have had to look for other money earning alternatives largely due to current changes that are making it pretty hard for people to earn money on the internet with Adsense. Some of these reasons making it hard to earn money with Goggle AdSense include:

  • Lack of good volume of free or organic traffic

  • Fluctuations in CPC and CTR

  • Ineffective Ad code optimization

  • High payment threshold

  • Poor content optimization

  • The risk of invalid clicks

Even though Adsense has been with us for more than 8 years now and some webmasters have made huge chucks with it after its inception, people still hold many controversies surrounding Adsense. In fact, not so many people are convinced that it can really generate a lot of money as such to make it reasonable for one to quit his day job as claimed internet gurus. However, the truth is that Google has reported Adsense as their main source of revenue since its introduction especially on search page results. This shows you that you still have good chances of making some cash with Google Adsense if you do it the best way.

Reviewing the Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the most popular pay per click programs that is being used currently. The program is specifically designed for online advertisers and the website owners. The advertisers get a chance to promote and market their products while the website owners get to earn from the click of the adverts via their websites. It is upon the website owners to do all they can to attract more visitors to their websites. There are still a lot of uncertainties on whether the program works. The publishers can join for free and make money. Is the scheme really free?

The Google AdSense is a scheme that is developed by Google with an aim of getting profits. The main aim of the scheme is to encourage the publishers to increase the chances of making a sale through clicks on their websites. The publisher applies to the Google Company and when they are approved they start earning. The publisher can open a free blog which is also offered by Google to help create free blogs for all bloggers. It is upon the publisher to market their web by having quality articles to attract enough traffic. Where their clicks made on the adverts via your website or blog you start earning. It is a free way to earn money online.

However, this scheme does not really work for all the publishers. There are those who earn thousands of dollars on monthly basis from the Google AdSense program while there are those who make nothing out of it. As a precaution, it is not advisable to take the AdSense program as primary source of income. Make it an extra source of income not to waste your time, just like some publishers have done.

What Can Bloggers Do To Improve Their AdSense Earnings?

It is with no doubt that Google AdSense has proved to be one of the best schemes to monetize blogs and websites. There are bloggers and site owners who are earning thousands from the scheme while others are still struggling. Those who have made are no extra ordinary from the others. They have just applied the right strategies to increase their income. Some of the simple ways that can boost the AdSense earnings include:

  • Place the advert in the right place – The advert should be placed in a conspicuous place like at the top of the advert to increase chances of being clicked by the visitors.

  • Use single format for the AdSense advert – use the format of the adverts that have proved to work for others. The most effective format that has proved to work for many is the 336 by 280 rectangular formats. Use the format all through the website to increase chances of clicks.

  • Customize the designs for the adverts – one should spend adequate time in choosing the right format for the advert. The color scheme of the website background and AdSense should match with that of the website to increase the chances of clicks.

Top AdSense Alternative to Monetize a Blog

Not aware of the bets way to monetize the advertisement space on your website? The Google AdSense would be the choice but there is an AdSense alternative that one should take into consideration. It is so natural to make the most out of the money and time that one spends promoting their websites or blogs.

Directly Selling the Advertising Space

What is the need of sharing the profits earned from the advertisements on your website? It is possible to sell the advertisement spaces to the marketers and the advertisers. All that you need to do is inform of the available advertisement space. It will save up to 20% to 50% that is taken by the advertisement companies in terms of commissions.

Selling the advertisement space also enables the advertiser to sell the space based on time. The time could be a week, fortnight or month or even annual basis depending with the advert timing. One could make more instead of relying on the earning made depending on the clicks.

How to Sell Advertisements Spaces

One can start selling the space available for the advert by contacting companies they may think would be interested in the advert. One can also auction the available Ad space. The auctioning also offers the user with the option of understanding the real market value of the ad space. It is important to understand that there is more involved in selling the web space privately rather than using the ad network or the agencies. The agents use the automated systems to tell the number of impressions that one might have made and how much is earned.

Unsold Inventory

When one is selling the ad space they should not waste even a single chance. The unsold space could be sold off to the networking companies like AdBrite, Chikita, ValueClick and even AdSense. However, one should not make them the primary option for making revenue. The website owner should start off by selling the spaces on their own and what remains given to the agents or the networking company. The amount of money earned from the adverts made privately will be more than that from agents as they charge relatively high commissions.

When to Start?

There is no specified amount of traffic that one should have in order to start selling the Ad space n their blog or website. It depends with the targeted client and the niche that one covers in their website. Where one is uncomfortable selling the Ad space direct, they should sign up with Google AdSense and gain enough experience in the ad formats, sizes and placements. Don’t just settle for the minimal income: monetize your webpage to the full potential!

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Andi the Minion - December 13, 2012

Great post and very true, not many bloggers use AdSense these days, favouring private advertisers for ease and reliable income. It makes more sense to build a blog for that kind of advertising. After all reliable and secure income is far better than general bitting and bobbing as we say in the UK :-)

    Deni Saputra - December 15, 2012

    Thannks for visiting!
    Yap true. Oh, almost forgot that affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a blogs.
    In fact, a lot of great blogs apply it.

Peter Mutiso - December 13, 2012

Adsense is a good way to earn a living only but bloggers do not need to put their hopes on one basket.

Direct selling is a good way to make money online

Radha Krishna - December 14, 2012

If its a blogging/IM niche, then its better to use direct ads/buysellads instead of adsense as they’ll pay better than Adsense.

Gogoma Sansar - December 14, 2012

Thank you for sharing a excellent article. you have explored research base ingredient. The future of Google AdSense may be remain same because there is no better competitor on PPC. there are are alternative of PPC ads but they are not better compared with Google Adsense. Millions of blogs and websites have been relying on Google Adsense and only few publishers are enjoying on other alternative. it’s trustworthiness and honest is really nice, so that almost ads publishers want to be a active members of Adsense and earn money from adsense

Ariesjobs - December 15, 2012

Blog should have at least 100 visitors per day in order to make money from Google adsense.

Yassin Madwin - December 15, 2012

Adsense is simply for beginners whom just met the cash cow ” the internet ” but it’ like a necessary first step up to the internet world

Most big sites earn only third of their income from advertising unless you’re Facebook or something like it selling your own goods is the best idea

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