10 Things to Check Before Selecting Your Web Hosting Service

By Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar | Domain Names & Hosting

Dec 10

Today the internet has grasped the whole world and made it look like a small town. Now everyone needs a place in this virtual world wherein they can connect with others. This is done by the web hosting service providers that provide the space to the people who want to launch a website and connect to others. So it is a very interesting choice to make so as to which service provider can deliver the best services. Few factors that need to be kept in mind before selecting a web hosting service are as follows:

1) Personal Requirements – you can only benefit from a product or service if you have utility for it. A product or service can never be useful until the user has the ability to use it. So if there is no requirement for a particular type of service then it is no point having it either. Thus the first and foremost requirement while choosing a web hosting service is to keep your needs and requirements in mind and choose the best one offering those requirements.

2) Price – we all know how this world is driven by money, so this again is a very important factor, though not the deciding one, in order to choose among the ones that are within the budget of the scheme.

3) Storage – you should order the package as per your requirement of storage. If you require only a little space, say 2-3 GB of data then you can order only for that much, or else you can always avail the offer of ordering a higher storage and thus have lesser overall cost.

4) Quantum of Database – you should always check the number of databases that are being offered before choosing, as cost does vary on the basis of number of databases being offered. So in case if the price is less, it might mean that you need to compromise with the number of databases offered.

5) Technical Help – there is no substitute for a better service and also a timely service. So you should always look out for those web hosting services which provide with the technical services readily, at any time of the day, so that any problem can be solved instantly.

6) Existing customers – it is always advisable to check out the existing customers and their reviews about the host service providers as that would give us a valuable idea so as to how well the provider services their clients and satisfies their grievances.

7) Specializes in certain area –in an era where perfection is being tried to be better, there are hosts that provides a certain specialized service in certain field. So it is advisable to get such hosts that specialize in the field concerned so that the best service is received by them.

8) Email Facilities – you must be irritated a lot of times with the flow of spam in the inbox. So you should always look out for hosts that would give servicing in this regard and stop such spam to be delivered and thereby reducing the hassle of the client. Moreover the number of username that are allocated can also be a factor as it decides the number of email accounts that can be created with a particular domain.

9) Blog services – it is most likely that the service would be a blog enabled one, i.e. it would allow some blog or the other to be uploaded.In case if it is not, then you must ask for it as in today’s age it comes very handy and also it is a popular medium to communicate.

10) Backup Facility – with the amount of traffic on your website it might be highly risky that the system failure occurs resulting in loss of some vital data. So it is very important to have a host that provides a backup facility everyday so that the databases are updated on a daily basis so that in the event of system failure the data is secured and the client doesn’t lose out much. Thus you should always choose the web hosting service that provides the backup facility as the backbone of the website hosted is the database, which once if lost can never be retrieved.

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Debarshi, is an experienced Internet Marketer and self taught web designer working for WebCreationUK, one of leading web design company also known for their expertise in search engine optimisation services.

foam generator December 10, 2012

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Hadley December 10, 2012

We do our own hosting. A lot of clients were coming to us with hosting problems before.

Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar December 11, 2012

Thanks for your reply Hadley, I am glad you liked my post,

Find Me Hotel December 11, 2012

Hi, We chose IDirecthost after lots of research and we are very happy. Only a few months now, but not a single instance of server down, even for a few seconds. The site load also very fast, despite our site having lots of pictures. They are quiet cheap also!

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