Three Ways To Speed Past The Competition On The Blogging Highway

Blogging to make money or get your point across is a fast paced venture where you need to stay in the express lane. Make a mistake once and you can keep travelling down the wrong road losing money, readers or both. Here’s a few basics you can use as road signs to make sure you’re moving in the right direction toward making money online .

Merge With Consistent Posts

It’s hard to find the time, not to mention the topics, to post consistently. Making sure your blogs go live at generally the same time is important for people who want to follow you so they can get into a routine of reading your post. If you have spurts of creativity that don’t run like clockwork, technology can help. Open source blogging platforms like WordPress can schedule posts so you can build up a bed and time release blogs to dates and times for them to go live. Posting erratically turns people off, especially if you’re writing a series.

Pass the other guy with thorough proofing

There’s nothing more disappointing than reading a terrific post full of intelligent points only to have it lose momentum and swerve into the soft shoulder with grammar errors that have slipped by. If you can get someone to proof your work for you all the better, but if you need to do it yourself, it’s best to leave the blog alone for a time after it’s been written and do something else. After a few minutes, you’ll come back with fresh eyes. Remember to take your time. Reading aloud helps too.

Don’t look in the rearview too often to see how far you’ve come

Going back to see how your posts are doing with comments and traffic is fine, but becoming obsessed with those numbers and remarks can stall you out. It’s best to check those stats at a time that you’ve set aside for that purpose. As a blogger, you need to stay productive and driving forward without overdue concern for where you’ve been.

Networking is another important part of the blogging process and taking the time to reply to people who have commented tells people reading your blog that you’re engaged with them. In the end, replying will get you more readers and/or prospective clients and besides, it’s just polite.






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