How to Improve Blog Readership with Your Readers

So if you are a blogger, you know what I mean. Getting some good enough of traffic and building links isn’t that hard comparably. For blogs, the content is always the king. And without proper network building, links, SEO and other tactics, your richest content could get buried down. Content alone can’t bring you thousands of visitors but it can alone make the existing visitors read it forever. First when I’d started my blog, traffic was pretty low somewhere around 100 a day yet I was successful in maintaining a good readership. The average time a user spends on my site is around fifteen odd minutes.

Having a good readership is quite an essential factor in successful blogging. If you aren’t unaware of Bounce Rate which pretty much depends on the average time a user spends on your site. You can bring down your site’s Bounce Rate from anywhere to nowhere in no time. And even you can build up your list when you have a good readership and obviously, money is in the list and it entirely depends on the strategies you follow in generating leads. So before we go deep into the lead generation thing, first lets discuss on how you can improve your blog’s readership.

Focus on Organic Traffic

People who land on your blog pages through search engines are the most genuine category of visitors. They visit your blog while finding answer to their query and do not have the intention of click bombs or anything and that is why you get more adsense earnings when you start getting more traffic from search engines. If the visitor has found the appropriate content on your site, he’ll soon turn out to be a reader rather being just a visitor. Fortunately, we have hundreds of articles available online that teaches you the process of optimizing your site and content for search engines and get more traffic from search engines.

Offer Something Valuable

I do not intentionally mean you to spend out your previous month’s income and offer some of the best thing free for your site’s visitors. Instead, it can be a worth reading ebook or a podcast which can be really helpful for them. You can also get new subscribers join your list when you add this thing in between the download process.

Build A Network

Blogging without having a good relations and network is like writing and publishing with no soul. Build up some good relations with fellow bloggers, comment on their blogs, guest post, engage with your clients/customers and let them follow you. Likely, when you have a good network, people will start visiting your blog very often and keep checking for updates. More importantly, encourage your existing readers to comment more and more on your blog. Don’t just end a post and let the discussion continue through comments. This can be the best way to interact more with your readers and they’d be excited to see you around.

Have A List

I’m not sure about the number of articles I’ve read on list building since I’d started my list and I had seen people who make thousands of dollars every month from their list and people who bring thousands of visitors to their web pages through the list. A list can do a lot. So start building a list and there are many ways to add more subscribers to your list. Don’t just promote your products too much, they’ll soon unsubscribe. Let them know only about the related products which can be of great use and do keep sending them occasional newsletter to have a better engagement.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are the best places to promote your latest blog post. This can help you multiply the reach with just a single post. With proper marketing, your post can also go viral on social media. So do share your latest posts on your social networking profiles, facebook, twitter, linked-in and how can we forget Google Plus? After all, it is what that decides the author rank.

This guest post was written by Koundeenya Dhulipalla, a blogger and a freelance writer. I blog at I love read books. If you want me to write something for you, do let me know. Feel free even if you want to suggest me a book.

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