Affiliate Marketing with CPAWay

As a web publisher and affiliate marketer, you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting an affiliate network. You could sign up for the affiliate programs of individual companies, but it’s just so much more efficient to do it through a single network where you can manage multiple campaigns and aggregate your reporting, your tools and your payments.

One such example is CPAWay. They say that they are “more than just another performance marketing affiliate network,” leading “TheWay” to help you earn the revenue you require and get you the results you expect. Let’s dive in and see what CPAWay has to offer from the publisher side of things.

Monetize “TheWay”

At its core, CPAWay is a CPA-based advertising network. What this means is that, as a publisher, you will only get paid when the visitors to your site complete some sort of action and that action is dependent on the specific offer. They may have to complete an email submission form, for instance, or they may have to make a purchase on a vendor’s website.

CPAWay says that it works hard to nurture its relationships with both the publishers and the advertisers, because they understand that both parties want to be successful. For publishers, this means that CPAWay will provide you with the data you need to optimize your campaigns and, since they’re a debt-free organization, they endeavor to “most always” pay early and never pay late.

Types of Offers Available

After log into your account at CPAWay, you’ll be presented with the basic dashboard shown above. This gives you at a glance information about your account manager and some of your stats, with the six core navigational areas on a toolbar at the top. The second one over is “Campaigns.”

Here, you can look for the current affiliate offers. At the time of this review, CPAWay had a total of 499 campaigns available to me. You can search based on keyword, as well as on what it takes to convert (1st page submit, double opt-in, mobile pin submit, download/install, etc.), the traffic types, the approval status, and the country. There are also several categories, like As Seen on TV, Dating and Social Networking, Email Submits, and Pharmaceutical.

The above screenshot shows several of the Daily Surveys and Market Research category. The payouts here are mostly in the $1-$5 range, typically converting on a complete lead generation process. There are other offers with much higher payouts, like a $54 CPA on a credit card purchase of one of the products.

Resources, Banners and Tools

So, how do you go about making money with CPAWay? What tools do you have at your disposal? Well, it’s really up to you how you want to promote the offers. What I found is that each individual offer didn’t have much in terms of pre-designed landing pages, email text or graphical banners.

For example, here is the details page for one of the survey offers. You are told the basic information about the campaign, and then below that was just a single banner. What this means is that you will need to spend more of your own time coming up with creative ways to generate traffic and generate leads. This could be through custom landing pages, to be sure, as well as email newsletters or other sources of traffic. I personally would have liked if the network provided more support in terms of promotional assets, like banners to embed on your website.

CPAWay is currently working on an API that may allow you to take your affiliate marketing even further. This will be made available under the “Tools” section of the affiliate dashboard.

Is This TheWay to Riches?

Making my way through the affiliate dashboard and browsing through the available offers, I can see how there is certainly potential to earn a sizable amount of money through CPAWay. At the same time, it seems that there isn’t enough supporting documentation or assets, especially when compared to some of the other affiliate networks out there. I understand that CPAWay is very relationship-focused, so perhaps that’s where the real value and potential lies. Work closely with your account manager and he or she will work to make you as much money as possible.

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