ShadowDrive: Your Social Cloud Drive of Uploading and Sharing

ShadowDrive: Your Social Cloud Drive of Uploading & SharingDo you store files in the cloud? If so, does your tool of choice include social integration? Even though there are many cloud storage options available, there’s always room for more.

So how about a cloud storage tool that focuses on social sharing, speed and simplicity? That’s exactly what ShadowDrive is. It’s an online cloud storage solution that lets you add files via upload or drag-and-drop (from your computer). With just 513 MB of free storage, ShadowDrive is definitely meant for small files – hence the focus on “quick” uploading and sharing.

ShadowDrive allows you to share and view files within your friend network, meaning those files will only be viewable by your friends on Facebook. Your friends will also be able to easily download those files.

Getting Started

ShadowDrive allows you to sign up via Facebook; Twitter sign up is coming soon. Once you connect your account, view a welcome screen, and agree to the terms, you’ll be taken to your drive.

Add files and folders to your ShadowDrive.


In your ShadowDrive you’ll be able to add files and folders with the click of a button. Files are added quickly and you’ll see a thumbnail of the item after it has been uploaded.

Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a few options: download, turn sharing on, and delete. If you choose to turn sharing on, you’ll see a few more options from the thumbnail’s menu. In addition to downloading and deleting the file, you’ll be able to post the item to Facebook and send to a friend on Facebook.

Share and download files on Shadow Drive.

I imagine once Twitter login is supported, you’ll be able to share on Twitter from here as well.

Shadow Drive on Facebook

You can also access your ShadowDrive on Facebook via an app. For easier access, it’s recommended that you add the ShadowDrive app to your favorites list.

Access your ShadowDrive on Facebook.

If you want to go back to ShadowDrive’s website, just click on “manage my files” from the ShadowDrive drop down menu. You can also invite your Facebook friends to ShadowDrive, which will make it easy for them to share files and folders as well.

Managing Your Account

Clicking on “Account” from the navigation menu will show you an overview of your account. You can see how much of your drive is being used, how many files you have, and view recent activity.

Manage your ShadowDrive account.You can also access “Settings” from here or click on it in the navigation menu. In Settings, you can unshare all your files, delete all files, and delete your ShadowDrive account.

Final Thoughts

ShadowDrive is a very basic cloud drive that is currently geared towards Facebook users. It’s not  nearly as advanced as Dropbox, Box, and other tools of that nature, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s perfect for novice users, those needing a simple place to store small files, and those that want to easily share downloadable files on Facebook.

One thing I don’t like about ShadowDrive is that you can’t drag-and-drop files on the Web interface. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find any way to add previously uploaded files to a folder. The only option for this seems to be creating a folder first and then uploading files into it.

With all the cloud storage options we have available, to we really need another? What are your thoughts on ShadowDrive?

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