Let social media be the crust of your Internet marketing pie

There’s really no way around the fact you need an online marketing strategy to make sure your goods and services get the right exposure on the web. Equally, there’s no way you can overlook plugging in some social media element. Pick Twitter, Facebook or any of the others that are available, but choose because you can’t afford to bypass all the demographics that use these popular sites.

Tweets are the crust

It helps when you look at any Internet marketing strategy as a pie that needs to be filled in. Start with the crust and say, Twitter, and you can start mixing together a recipe for success. The shorter the better when it comes to tweets and although you’re allowed 140 characters, it’s best to keep them shorter if possible so if they’re retweeted, the bulk of the message doesn’t get cut off.

Remember that it’s better to follow niche people than spread the net too wide and follow everyone you can. Stay focused on your market. Not sure the one you’re using now is right for your long term success? Not to worry. A big part of any successful campaign is about keeping an open mind to changes and tweaks.

The Internet advertising filling

Once you’ve got the crust ready to go, you’ll need something to fill the inside. Tweets are good but they need to point somewhere. Two good bets as the filling for your online advertising pie are a website and/or blogs. Here’s where you get to showcase your goods and services and this is the place where you make or break any online business.

It’s been said before but bears repeating because, in the end, it can’t be stressed enough that you need to have good quality content on your website or in the complementary blogs. Take the time to understand the differences between making money online and in the old more traditional book and mortar stores. Studies tell us that people don’t actually read whole articles or web pages anymore. They only skim through to the information they need.

That means blocks of text needs to be short and the content professional. Optimized text is also essential but you need to have people writing for you that understand how to couch the keywords in the text so the body of the work doesn’t attract negative attention from the big search engines like Google.


Everything should work together when you’re putting together any Internet advertising campaign and that includes social media.



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