4 Useful Chrome Apps for Jotting Down Notes

By Charnita Fance | Productivity

Nov 22
Notty Notes Chrome App - One of The Best Sticky Notes For Your Broswer

Do you often come up with thoughts and ideas while browsing the Web, but don’t have a quick place to jot them down? If you’re like me, you don’t use paper, pens or pencils anymore, so a note pad is probably nowhere to be found. There’s always Evernote, but it’s not very quick – at least not for me.

What happens then? Either you forget the idea altogether or you have to stop, wait for Evernote (or your app/tool of choice) to open and take time away from your busy day just to record a quick idea. This is a huge inconvenience and puts a dent in your productivity.

So today, I want to share a few Chrome apps that are really great for jotting down notes and those spur of the moment thoughts and ideas. These browser tools are quick and easy to access, and are sure to help boost your productivity – plus they won’t take you away from your current task at hand.


Scratchpad Chrome App

Scratchpad is a simple note-taking app for Chrome. It can be integrated with Google Docs or used alone – even offline. When you click on the app icon a new tab for taking notes will open up, but you can also change this to a small panel (new window). You can add basic formatting to your text and insert bullets and numbered lists. Scratchpad also supports keyboard shortcuts.

Memo Notepad

Memo Notepad Chrome App

Memo Notepad is another Chrome app that can be accessed offline. It’s a bit simpler than Scratchpad, but just as stylish; when you open the app it looks like an actual piece of paper. Your notes are saved to your local computer, but you can also use the integrated cloud service to backup your notes – you’ll need an account for that. There aren’t any formatting or ordered lists that you can insert, which makes it great for simply jotting down thoughts and ideas.

Quick Note

Quick Note Chrome App

Quick Note is an app from Diigo, so if you want to save your notes online you’ll need to sign in to your Diigo account. Like Memo Notepad, it looks like an actual notepad and doesn’t have any formatting options. However, it does include a Recycling bin. This means that you can restore notes that may have been deleted by accident (unless you empty the bin). Quick Note also adds a menu option to the right-click context menu, so you’ll be able to create a new note from any page.

Notty Notes

Notty Notes Chrome App - One of The Best Sticky Notes For Your Broswer

Do you miss the days of sticky notes? I can remember about 10 years ago, when sticky notes were my favorite; I used to have them all over my work desk. Now, we can have sticky notes right in our browsers thanks to apps like Notty Notes. There are many sticky note apps, but this one is my favorite and also works offline. Once you open the app, just double click on the background to add new notes. Each note is customizable: title, background, font size, size. You can also lock notes so that they can’t be changed or deleted.

Do you use a note taking app in Chrome? If so, which one do you use?


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Akshat November 22, 2012

really nice chrome apps for taking notes..thanks

Save Gas Electricity November 22, 2012

I have installed some apps on my chorome and its working great.

Mediworm November 22, 2012

Nice information, certainly it is going to help! especially for the those who are working on the go!

Hamza Sheikh November 24, 2012

hmmm… you have mentioned really nice apps for the Google Chrome users. I have used the Quick Note on my office PC, but after discovering my iPhone and iCloud services. I completely stop using such stuff, and moved to the iCloud provided Notes that makes my life much easier than ever. It allows quick sync between all of my devices, and can be used on all platforms.

Essien November 24, 2012

Google Chrome is a great browser that enhanced the use of applications. Thanks for sharing this post. Will really try to use one of the Note to jot down my thoughts. thanks

Ankur November 25, 2012

google chrome is my fav browser and these extensions are make google chrome and my work more easily.

Mentor Palokaj November 27, 2012

What is the reason for not using evernote? Aside from their awesome desktop client their webinterface works awesomely as well. Plus you get the added benefit of having your notes backed up in the could…

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