How to Make Your Readers Stick to Your Blog?

By Rahul Kuntala | Blogging

Nov 15

Do you know one secret to succeeding in blogging?

It is.. making your readers stick to your blog and turning them into loyal audience.

Because one loyal reader can bring you more leads, visitors and sales.

So how can you make someone stick to your blog and make them bring more visitors?

Make your website navigation easy

Make the first time visitors to go through your blog easily. They should find out your best posts, first posts, and/or any page on your blog without having any difficulties.

Use archive page to show all your blog posts: Use smart archives reloaded plugin to show all your blog posts at one place. Just install the plugin, create a page for the archives and you’re done!

Use excerpts in the home page: Instead of showing the whole blog posts on your home page, you can display excerpts of the blog posts. This way you’re not only making others to click on your headlines, but also giving less burden on your site. The more less content you’ve on the home page – the more faster it loads.

Use pagination: Instead of showing ‘older entries’ – your visitors can better navigate your site if you use pagination (showing page numbers) on your home page. This way they’ll find out every blog page if they’ve to.

Go mobile

This is a must. Make your blog design mobile friendly. A research says that there’s a 50% increase in readers finding new sites via mobiles. When your site is not mobile friendly, it becomes very hard to navigate your site contents.

There are two easy ways to make your blog design mobile friendly.

  1. Use premium themes (most premium themes are now mobile friendly)
  2. Use WP touch plugin to make your mobile friendly

Suggested reading: 11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site

Always create attention grabbing headlines

No matter how great your content is, your headlines are the ones which either make someone stick to your blog or make someone leave immediately after landing on your site.

Spend  quality time in crafting the best headlines. First off, know what your target audience want. Then create compelling content and headlines for them.

Here are 52 headline samples to write mind blowing headlines on your blog posts.

Make your font size bigger

This is a no brainer.

When I recently redesigned my blog, it’s driving in more readers (more page views).

Most online readers prefer skimming through your blog posts instead of reading each and every word.

When someone find it hard reading your content, they simply find an exit point to your blog. So don’t give a chance to let typography killing your site reputation. Always use better font sizes. As a rule of thumb, 14 to 16px is always a better font size.

Show related posts under every blog post

This can not only improve your page views, but also provide a platform for more readers to sticking to your blog.

Use related post plugin to get this done.

What do this plugin do?

This plugin displays a list of related entries on your site and feeds based on a unique algorithm, thus making more readers stick to your blog.

The best SEO is ‘engaging content’

I think I’ve used the best phrase for this article here – best SEO is engaging content.

You’ll gain NO readers when your sole purpose is to bring more search traffic, because you’ll end up optimizing blog posts with too many related keywords. When your content is heavily optimized for the search engines, it becomes hard for your readers to digest your content.

Give first priority to the readers, search engines come later.

Still if you want more search traffic, here are two best ways to get it done without hurting your readers.

  1. Bring quality back links to your articles (either by guest posting, naturally getting links from other sites)
  2. Focus on using “long tail keywords” in your articles

 Over to you:

Do you’ve any more tips to bring more loyal readers to your blog?


About the Author

Rahul Kuntala is a full-time blogger cum freelance writer, who blogs at Learn Blog Tips, on a mission to help more people to make a living from blogging without quitting their jobs. Hire his writing services to create top notch contents for your blogs too.

Andi the Minion November 15, 2012

Hi Rahul, great post, I agree completely with the idea that the best SEO is ‘engaging content’, after all it is the humans who spend money with us, click on our ads, buy the products etc and that is who we should be writing for and turning into loyal fans of our site.

Doesn’t make sense to alienate and upset the most important part of any blog, the reader, because we have peppered the article with vague information and over repeated keywords. Our main focus should be to make our site readers happy and informed. We will be rewarded properly if we do. :-)

Chimezirim Odimba November 15, 2012

Good points, Rahul…

I also believe you need engaging content. But you need to get them in before they can see what you have to offer. Therefore, I agree with you on the fact that a blogger needs to create attention-grabbing headlines.

Let’s bear in mind that the majority of our readers will only see our headlines. Therefore, give it more time as it would determine eventually how many people even bother to read your engaging content.

See your headlines like sign posts that tell them what’s in it for them.

Jay Yadav November 15, 2012

engaging them with comment luv :]

Your Name November 15, 2012

Thanks Raul for this Post,ama Instal those Plugin As soon as Possible Most especially The Mobile plugin

Paul Nicholls Blog November 15, 2012

Hi Rahul

Good post, you bring some very valid points up. A few other things which I find are important are the “most commented posts” there is a plug in for this

Also i have always recommended to have an “about me” page because people like to see who you are and where you have come from. I for one sometimes like reading peoples “about me” page.

I also like to include lots of videos on my site too as it helps with the “time on site”

The longer someone is on your site the more likely they are of leaving a comment and engaging in your content.

Cheers for the post, Rahul

Talk soon, Paul

sumit kumar November 15, 2012

Nice article and i agree with you. do-follow link is very useful for any blogs…

Andreas Jacobsen November 16, 2012

Hey Rahul.

Great post! I agree with the content to be engaging, as my blogging philosophy is “write for people, not search engines”.

I think it is some really effective, yet simple things that you recommend. I am definitely going to use the “excerpts” advice on my own blog, and I will try and make my blog easier to navigate, even though it isn’t too big.

– Andreas

NoMi ALi November 16, 2012

very good information … thanks

Ehsan Ullah November 16, 2012

Those are the basic, but must follow tips to make readers stick with your blog.

Thank you Rahul

Adi J November 16, 2012

I agree with mobile friendly, because now mostly people go online through their ipad, tablet or 5 inch android phone. So to make your blog have responsive design it is better.

Sharif November 17, 2012

Really i feel very nice and great blog. Nice thought for highest about your website. Very good concept for beneficial your site and very nice and useful information collection on website.

Alexis Marlons November 17, 2012

Good advice Rahul. I’ve been planning to start and become a blogger myself and I want my blog to be interesting for my readers. Thank you.

Jafar Dhada November 20, 2012

Showing most popular blog posts works the best to keep them engaged.

Also archive’s pages is nice idea.

Thanks for the post Rahul.

Chiranjeev November 21, 2012

Blog having easy navigation is liked by reader most. Showing related post under every blog post is nice way to engaging reader and making them stick. Well written.

Hassaan Khan November 21, 2012

Rahul, Nice post. Readers are really important. We should value them.

Naples Real Estate Blog November 25, 2012

I think using RSS feeds and email newsletters is another way to get readers to stick to your blog.

Ankur November 25, 2012

Rahul thanks for sharing these usefull methods i appriciate you work.
and once again thanks.!!

Salman Ahmad December 4, 2012

I’ve been manually adding related posts at the bottom of my articles for my affiliate sites. I didn’t know there was a plugin for this! Well knock me down.

Good job I found this now out now, as I’ve just started blogging (not many articles yet), but this will nifty plugin will come in real handy.

– Salman

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