Affiliating with T3leads Lead Generation Platform

One of the more prominent performance-based advertising networks on the Internet today is T3leads, a network that encourages you to “get serious” and “get leads.” Rather than bombard you with thousands of offers that you can find just about anywhere, T3leads focuses more on having a relatively smaller number of exclusive offers that you can promote.

While you could certainly use their current set of affiliate offers to make a substantial online income, you can be just as successful getting other people to share in the wealth and sign up for T3leads themselves. Combine these and you could have a very viable online revenue source.

What Is T3leads?

If you’ve ever encountered the other affiliate networks on the Internet, then you should have a decent idea of what to expect from T3leads.

They’re a CPA (cost per action) advertising network. What this means is that when you place their ads on your website, you don’t get paid by impression or by the number of clicks. Instead, you only get paid when the website visitor completes a certain action, which in the case of T3leads is typically filling out some sort of sign-up form or otherwise qualifying as a “lead” for the advertiser.

Some of the categories offered by T3leads include payday loans, auto loans, insurance products, and credit cards. As a publisher/affiliate, you get reliable lead tracking (version 3.0), robust analytics, and bi-weekly commission payments, assuming you meet the minimum threshold of $100.

As far as reports, you have summary reports for leads, traffic and returns, but you can also track the performance based on subaccounts, channels, states, cities, keywords and minimum prices. All of this information helps you better understand how your ads are doing and hopefully point you toward how to make them perform better.

Setting Up the Ads

The approach taken by this affiliate network is a little different than what you may find elsewhere. It’s not really about typical banners and landing pages. Instead, you set up your own ad blocks that have a similar look and feel as Google AdSense.

Instead of the advertiser providing you with a pre-determined ad copy, you get to write it yourself, including the ad headline, the ad text, and the anchor text. All you have to do is choose the advertiser from the pull-down menu. This gives you a great deal of control and customization, helping to optimize your conversion rate.

In addition to the T3ads platform described above, you can also setup your own private or public feeds. You can also talk with your assigned affiliate manager about email traffic and call center leads.

What About the Referral Program?

The referral program from T3leads is simple and reasonably generous. You earn 3% from all the profit earned by the webmasters your refer to T3leads. This referral commission, as far as I can tell, is for life. What this means is that if you happen to get a very successful affiliate to sign up under you, you have a great source of passive residual income.

T3leads provides you with a series of banners that you can use to promote their platform, but you can just use your custom affiliate link to get the sign-ups too. This means that you can easily promote the program just about anywhere you can post a link. You just have to make sure that your referral ID number is attached.

Your success with T3leads will vary, just like how you’d do with any online venture. There’s no harm in signing up for a free account, but know that approval is not automatic. They want your site to “meet specific criteria and generate a certain level of traffic quality” if you want to participate.

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