Asking Yourself: What is Online Marketing? Here’s some upfront answers

Getting involved with online business is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do, but it’s also one of the most demanding. There’s a learning curve when you start out that seems to stretch as far and high as a rainbow, but if you work hard there will be a personal pot of gold at the other end.

Still there’s lots that might seem confusing at first if you started out in the brick and mortar world, and the concept of Internet marketing could very well be a little fuzzy until you get the know how to bring it all into focus. So, for those of you that need to know but are afraid to ask, here’s a few words on what marketing on the web is all about.

First off, the rules of the game are the same as when you spent your cash on radio, television and print, but the techniques have changed quite a bit. The goal of getting your business the most exposure for the money translates online, but there’s a bigger area to play in. More prospects means more competition and learning how to use search engine optimization (seo) to full advantage is part of your path to success.

Don’t be put off if it all sounds very technical. The benchmarks that Google and other search engines use to put your website in order so people looking for your goods and services can find you isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You just need some help finding the right combinations of keywords and/or keywords phrases that most people use when they’re trying to find a business like yours. This is the magic key that unlocks the door to exposure on the web.

Internet marketing key

Once you find that Internet marketing key, you need to find a professional who can couch it in great content that’s informative and positions you as an expert in the field. The keywords give you the best chance to get noticed, but the delivery vehicle needs to be outstanding text and/or video. There’s really no point in inviting people to your website and then not putting your best foot forward when they get there.

There are other methods and you need to be aware of the potential link building has to position you in the red. The more links to relevant accredited sites you can come up with, the bigger your web fans out across the Internet. The bigger the web, the more attention you get from the search engines and the better your chances of coming up on a high ranking page when people search for what you do.


Remember that you need to keep working away at the Internet marketing technique you’ve chosen. Stop and you’ll lose any of the gains that you’ve made as far as page rankings go.




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