Asking Yourself: What is Online Marketing? Here’s some upfront answers

By Rob Starr | Making Money

Nov 11
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Getting involved with online business is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do, but it’s also one of the most demanding. There’s a learning curve when you start out that seems to stretch as far and high as a rainbow, but if you work hard there will be a personal pot of gold at the other end.

Still there’s lots that might seem confusing at first if you started out in the brick and mortar world, and the concept of Internet marketing could very well be a little fuzzy until you get the know how to bring it all into focus. So, for those of you that need to know but are afraid to ask, here’s a few words on what marketing on the web is all about.

First off, the rules of the game are the same as when you spent your cash on radio, television and print, but the techniques have changed quite a bit. The goal of getting your business the most exposure for the money translates online, but there’s a bigger area to play in. More prospects means more competition and learning how to use search engine optimization (seo) to full advantage is part of your path to success.

Don’t be put off if it all sounds very technical. The benchmarks that Google and other search engines use to put your website in order so people looking for your goods and services can find you isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You just need some help finding the right combinations of keywords and/or keywords phrases that most people use when they’re trying to find a business like yours. This is the magic key that unlocks the door to exposure on the web.

Internet marketing key

Once you find that Internet marketing key, you need to find a professional who can couch it in great content that’s informative and positions you as an expert in the field. The keywords give you the best chance to get noticed, but the delivery vehicle needs to be outstanding text and/or video. There’s really no point in inviting people to your website and then not putting your best foot forward when they get there.

There are other methods and you need to be aware of the potential link building has to position you in the red. The more links to relevant accredited sites you can come up with, the bigger your web fans out across the Internet. The bigger the web, the more attention you get from the search engines and the better your chances of coming up on a high ranking page when people search for what you do.


Remember that you need to keep working away at the Internet marketing technique you’ve chosen. Stop and you’ll lose any of the gains that you’ve made as far as page rankings go.




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Rahul Kuntala November 12, 2012

online marketing is the best platform to promoting ourselves.if we are good in writing skills then we should crack the online marketing.the plenty of oppurtunities are waiting for us .it’s a most rewarding thing if we will do it

    Maverik November 14, 2012

    online marketing is the best platform to promoting ourselves.if we are good in writing skills then we should crack the online marketing.the plenty of oppurtunities are waiting for us .it’s a most rewarding thing if we will do it

chirag sachdeva November 12, 2012


You need to built a brand website before starting online marketing. moreover, you must have power to convince the companies with your skills and website. Once you able to crack the first test of brand making then no one can stop you to become best online marketer.

Moreover, proper research and analytical records and information is required to analyze the need and requirement of the time.

Sunil November 12, 2012

A hot topic everywhere, a good Internet Marketing can make or break an E-commerce setup at a quick rate. Its importance in today’s net savvy culture remains highly relevant.

Hadley November 12, 2012

Social media marketing is a big influence these days, but it’s not about selling to people, it’s just about market leadership and producing good quality content.

Andi the Minion November 13, 2012

Branding is the first and most important thing to do, build an authority site full of quality unique content and become known as the go to place for information and the rest should fall into place. People reward quality and they reward hard work, the more you do the more you will get out of it. The great thing with the internet is that a lot of it is free to do. Podcasts, video tutorials, guest blogging, content creation, blog commenting are just a few free traffic generation and exposure models people can do today!

Hamza Sheikh November 13, 2012

I guess the new name of internet marketing is the social media marketing. Because all the big brands are now seeking their products rich socially, and want their customers to be go publicly.

But still, Internet Marketing field is a very big space!

Secret Insider November 13, 2012

Social Media marketing is more traffic generation, email marketing still has a better rate of conversion. Reputation and reliability is what you really need to become successful. People buy from those they trust. As others have said, you need to become a brand. That is the new marketing model for the new year.

sudoquai November 13, 2012

Thank you for the Article. Very interesting!

Paul Nicholls November 13, 2012

Internet Marketing is a very tough cookie to crack but in my 5 years experience of working online I have found and realized 1 thing to hold true for the most part.

Constant action and focus leads to great results.

One of the biggest problems in the IM niche is info overload and I was actually on a call a couple of days ago with a guy that really did not know what to do, how to do it or if this whole online marketing thing even actually worked.

Start off taking baby steps and make small changes and keep moving forward.

It really comes down to how bad you want it and if you are willing to do what it takes, unfortunately most people have a lack of focus and are not willing to commit because they are scared of failure.

If you can work through all the struggles and failures and come out the other end then things are great but most people end up getting caught in the middle somewhere and never end up come out the other side.

Thanks for the post


Baltic Amber November 13, 2012

Internet marketing is really a great challenge today and to earn money we need to sped a lots of time and money and without panning and tics hard to do anything get success.

Sohil R. Memon November 14, 2012

All says that you must have brand website, but I can say it’s not an easy task by Internet Marketing we can put our website advertise in the world and Social Media Marketing is also a best option for that. By the way nice post thanks for sharing.
Sohil Memon

owenayuk November 14, 2012

Hmm… Now I know where I am getting it wrong. Thanks guys!

Danny November 14, 2012

Have to agree with many of the comments in that, Brand and / or reputation need to be relatively established before an acceptable level of success could occur…

Sharon Akinoluwa November 16, 2012

Hi, internet marketing is the key to making money online. Effective marketing is the vehicle that drives businesses. We all live by selling something. It is when our products and services are sold that we make money. Many are great authors, yet it is as great selling authors that we make money.

Tips Trick Computer November 16, 2012

It takes more energy to increase visitors to our website, and one of them is targeting the right keywords. but this will be useless if not supported by managamen and experts in the field. However, these will not be difficult if we have the desire. Because where there’s a will, there’s a way.

darren sam November 16, 2012

Online marketing is not just Internet marketing its like an ocean of pearls where we have to find our pearl as our requirement so be aware and spread awareness in the field

KSingh November 18, 2012

The main thing is perseverence I think. Internet marketing is no doubt the best way to promote your business but it takes a lot of time and effort. It is in no way a get rich quick scheme.

BlackWoods November 19, 2012

Talk about Internet Marketing, it is indeed a wide field.
Not only link building, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Banner advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Content driven are also the main key of Internet Marketing.

Jafar Dhada November 20, 2012

Internet Marketing = Getting Fame + Money.

Like Zac got. Really nice post.

Shahzaib Ahmed November 22, 2012


You need to designed a whole web site before beginning on-line promoting. moreover, you want to have power to convert the businesses along with your skills and web site. Once you ready to crack the primary check of name creating then nobody will stop you to become best on-line vendor.

Moreover, correct analysis and analytical records and data is needed to research the {requirement} and requirement of the time.

Shahzaib Ahmed November 27, 2012

Internet promoting may be a terribly robust cookie to crack however in my five years expertise of operating on-line I actually have found and complete one issue to carry true for the foremost half.

Constant action and focus results in nice results.

One of the most important issues within the IM niche is data overload and that i was really on a decision a handful of days agone with a man that actually didn’t understand what to try and do, a way to copulate or if this whole on-line promoting issue even really worked.

Start off taking baby steps and build little changes and keep moving forward.

It extremely comes all the way down to however unhealthy you wish it and if you’re willing to try and do what it takes, sadly most of the people have a scarcity of focus and aren’t willing to commit as a result of they’re petrified of failure.

If you’ll work all the struggles and failures ar available} out the opposite finish then things are nice however most of the people find yourself obtaining caught within the middle somewhere and ne’er find yourself start the opposite aspect.

Thanks for the post

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