View and Edit Your Dropbox Files Quickly with Cirrus

View and Edit Your Dropbox Files Quickly with Cirrus

Have you ever wanted to quickly edit or view a file in your Dropbox while on-the-go? When you’re on your main computer sure you have the Dropbox app installed and can easily access your files, but what about when you’re on a public computer, a friend’s computer or your mobile device?

Sure you could go to the Dropbox website, but there isn’t a built in editor so you’d have to use yet another tool for editing files and images. This can be a huge inconvenience and take too much time. Instead, why not try a tool that has everything in one like Cirrus?

Cirrus is an online editor and previewer for Drobpox that is mobile optimized and integrates with popular Web apps like Aviary and Tinymce. It’s also the perfect tool for managing your Dropbox while on-the-go.

Getting Started

To sign up with Cirrus you’ll need to create a username and password, and give the service access to your Dropbox account.

View your folders and files from the Cirrus home page.

Then you’ll be directed back to the home page, where you’ll see all of your folders and files. From here, everything is pretty self-explanatory.

Viewing and Editing Files

Navigate to the file that you’d like to edit and click on the “Edit” link in the Options column. You’ll notice that the “Edit” link is disabled for certain file types; it appears that you can only view doc and pdf file types.

Hopefully this will change in the future, because these are probably the most common file types that users would like to edit. However, you can edit HTML files and images; I would assume that you can edit text files too.

The Cirrus HTML editor.

As you can see, the Cirrus HTML editor is simple, yet useful enough to get the job done. It’s great for making changes quickly from any computer.

Enhance, edit and add effects to your images in Cirrus.

The image editor is powered by Aviary and pretty advanced. There are many tools for editing, enhancing and adding effects to your images. For instance, you can resize, crop, add stickers, change the brightness and sharpness, draw or add text, and more.

View your documents in Cirrus with the Scrbd viewer.

The document viewer is powered by Scribd and allows you to zoom in and out, search through the document, select text, view in tile mode and change the scroll type. You can also print, download and view documents in fullscreen mode.

Final Thoughts

Cirrus is a beneficial tool that is sure to get plenty of use from avid Dropbox users. I use Dropbox everyday for all types of files, but mainly as a way to save screenshots and images. So I love the fact that I can now have access to my files and can enhance my images if needed, when away from home.

Cirrus is currently free, but may be adding a premium version in the future as well as additional features. I’d definitely love to have a way to edit documents. How about you? What features would you like to see added?

Do you think that you’ll be using Cirrus while on-the-go? Do you have many Dropbox files that you need to edit away from home or do you prefer to do all of your editing at home?

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Jack - November 10, 2012

Thanks for the review! Editing support for document files is certainly a feature that it is being worked on, but it’s not quite ready yet.

Hamza - November 13, 2012

Well, I have been using the Dropbox from last 3 years, and so far never ever opened the web version of the service. As almost all of my devices from computers to my mobile phones are pretty synced with Dropbox.

hmm but the service you have reviewed here sounds interesting.

pepe - November 14, 2012

nice post, i didn’t know about the dropbox app and i usually do everything manually, it takes time but its done in the end. This cirrus tool seems helpful. i’m gonna give it a go. thanks

Garg Ankit - November 26, 2012

Was looking for such an online tool that can edit dropbox files on the go. Thanks for such an informative review. :)
On a lighter note, Cirrus is also the name of a restaurant in Bengaluru ;)

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