Quicklinkr: A Central Location for Your Favorite URLs

Quicklinkr: A Central Location for Your Favorite URLs

Do you like to visualize your bookmarks rather than just look at a list of words with links? It seems that visual bookmarking tools like Bo.lt, Floost and Snip.it are really taking over – especially since an image is far more helpful than just a title of a website. An image shows you what the website, image or video actually looks like.

Today I want to share a new visual bookmarking site that has been getting a lot of buzz recently, it’s called Quicklinkr. It allows you to save, organize and share your favorite URLs in a pinterest-like format. Quicklinkr gives you virtual pin boards – instead of pinboards, they’re called quickboards. As well as websites, you can also save images, videos, recipes and anything else that has its own link.

Save All Types of Links to Quicklinkr

Quicklinkr allows you to create temporary quickboards without signing up, but if you want to create sub-folders, make your board private, add items to favorites or choose a custom URL then you’ll need to register.

Saving URLs

Right now there’s only one way to save URLs on Quicklinkr, and that’s by using the URL bar at the top right of the page; just paste your URL and press enter.

Paste Your URL in the Quicklinkr Textbox to Save Items

I’d love to have either an extension of bookmarklet for saving URLs. That way way I wouldn’t have to visit the website every time I wanted to save something. Hopefully this feature will be coming in the near future.

Website URL Displayed on Quickboard

Once you add your link, a thumbnail will appear on your quickboard along with the title and URL. Quicklinkr even adds a “New!” tag to it so that you know it’s brand new.

Usage and Navigation

Clicking on the thumbnail will open up the URL in a new tab. If you’re not registered when you mouseover an item on any quickboard, two buttons will appear at the bottom: send to and comment. Surprisingly, the “send to” button doesn’t do what you may think; it’s not for sharing.

Quickboard Send to and Comment buttons.

Instead, the “send to” button allows you to open the URL in a new window or add to your quickboard (great if you’re viewing someone else’s board). Once you register, the “send to” button will show “toggle favorite” instead of “add this to my quickboard” on your own boards, but it will still remain the same on other boards.

Also you’ll notice two more buttons on your own items once you register: quicklink image and delete quicklink. The “quick link image” button lets you change or refresh the default thumbnail.

In the header of each quickboard (as you can see in the screenshot above) there a three menus: folders, share, and order by. These are pretty self-explanatory.

Since you can add sub-folders, the folder menu is there to allow you to switch between them. Under the share menu you’ll see that you can share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or by email – pretty standard. You can also order your items by date added, last viewed or most viewed – great if you have a lot of items on your quickboard.

User Settings

At the far right of your quickboard header (opposite the folders, share and order by menus), you’ll find an account menu; from here you can access user settings. You’ll probably want to go here so that you can enable or disable a few things.

For instance, you can allow public quicklinks. This means that anyone will be able to add quicklinks to your public folders – great for collaboration and keeping your boards active. This option is off by default. You can also disable comments, which are on by default.

Change your Quickboard wallpaper.

You may also want to change the wallpaper of your board, which can be found under “Appearance.” There are currently 12 beautiful HD wallpapers to choose from.

Final Thoughts

A tool like Quicklinkr can be used for many things like planning a wedding or party, saving inspirational images, creating a wish list, interior decorating projects and much more. Quicklinkr has a simple yet stunning design that works well for virtual pin boards.

My only issue is the missing bookmarklet or browser extension for quick posting. Not only is it inconvenient having to visit the website each time you want to save a URL, but it just doesn’t leave a lasting impression. There’s a higher chance of repeat visits if a user has a bookmarklet or extension to remind them of the site.

What do you think? Have you used Quicklinkr or are you currently using it now? How has it worked out for you?

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