Quick Tips To Plump Up Your Facebook Following

By Amrik Virdi | Social Media

Nov 08

In the 21st century, social networking websites have become each and every individual’s apple of the eye. There are a number of personal as well as professional reasons because of which most of the people prefer to sport their accounts as well as business pages on popular social media platforms.

As you all must be very well aware there are a good deal of attractive social media platforms out of which Facebook happens to top the priority list of the masses at large. Most of you must be quite familiar with most of the features and add-ons that Facebook has in store.

However, one complaint that is on the tip of the tongue of most of the Facebook users is regarding the difficulty that they face in lifting up the total number of their Facebook followers. In order to bring an end to this particular dilemma we will be presenting you with some quick tips that can assist you in becoming the most followed user on Facebook.

Kick Start Conversations: First and foremost, in order to bring your Facebook page in the limelight make it a point to go and like pages of which your target audience forms a part. Similarly, make it a point to like the posts as well as comment on the posts that are posted on these pages. If you decide to take this step, then in that case you will be in a position to let your audiences know that you exist.

Share Valid Content: Apart from the above mentioned move, make it a point to share as much relevant data as possible. Similarly, you can consider adding photos of people who are part of your business and so also behind-the-scene photos of your operations at large. However, all said and done it is absolutely crucial for you to keep in mind the photo copyright laws before you begin posting the photos.

Join hands with other Page Managers: Yet another wise step on your part would be to come to an understanding with other page managers with similar needs and requirements. Moreover, you can join hands with other page managers and support each other in cross promoting each of your respective pages. Apart from this, you can even consider holding a webinar for some other company who shares a similar audience like that of yours.

Welcome a Like Box to your website: Yet another way of pushing up your Facebook following is to simply go ahead and add a like box to your website. It is important for you to note that the above mentioned method happens to be one of the most adopted approaches as far as improving your traffic of your Facebook page is concerned. Hence, if you haven’t yet got your hands on this particular idea, then in that case now is the time to go ahead with the same.

Opt for that what works best: In the end, it is essential for you to note that not every approach will work in your favor. Hence, it is absolutely critical for you to list down the methods that are likely to work best in your interest. You need to figure out the path that your likes are travelling and eventually go ahead and explore the same.


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Reeja Mathews November 8, 2012

Hi Amrik
Joining Facebook Groups and participating in communities will be great help

Promote peer blogger websites to make relationships

Ruth November 8, 2012

Hi Amrik, I recently started my Facebook group and I’ve come to realise how powerful they are. Thanks for these tips.

Amrik Virdi November 9, 2012

That’s cool, Thanks for your views Reeja. Groups are the best place to promote your stuff, ask for help and give value to other readers.

Jay Yadav November 10, 2012

I managed to get few quick likers by engaging my self to a bloggers community having more than thousands of members hope this trick of mine would also help my fellow bloggers.

Anish Sangamam November 10, 2012

Hey Amrik,
Thanks for sharing some tips. I believe Facebook groups are one of the best places where one can force other to follow him/her. Helping out others and sharing knowledge will automatically force other to like to and ultimately your blog as well.

Michel November 10, 2012

Groups and communities are the best place to promote our business.Sharing and promoting each other helps every blogger.



Hamza Sheikh November 10, 2012

Hi Amrik!

I am pretty agreed with your points here. I want to add one more point in this list. We can also boost up our Fan following on Facebook pages, but running different / smaller but attractive contents. It can drag a lot of attention to our pages, and boost up the conversation points.

Badar November 10, 2012

Well facebook is a great platform to increase you business.
Well written :)

Sarvesh November 10, 2012

Hi Amrik,

Well i think every business needs to be promoted online for easy growth and that we need social media marketing at the top place to promote our online blogs or something. But their should be an action plan and management to be make sure of before starting it.

You’ve mentioned the awesome points about the facebook following tips.. thanks

Itohowo williams November 11, 2012

Interesting tips and i have learn some thing new here.i hope to apply it to my blog,Blog4all-com.blogspot.com where i post news.

shan November 11, 2012

Hi Amrik
Thanks a lot for the topic sharing with us.I agree your articles.freinds,I obey it.

piyush November 11, 2012

hi Amrik
all of your points a very good and few days ago i made a facebook fan page for my new blog and now i wanna do all tips you mentioned here n hopefully i will get the more fans….

Jamie Pullman November 12, 2012

Off-late Facebook can do everything for the people and the people are also almost addicted to it. These tips will encourage the users and attracts more towards it. Good tips.

Zobair Ahmed November 13, 2012

this is a well written post i have ever seen. i know that social media is a very important part to generate more traffic in a new blog or website. truly a good post. i need to know about content lock. if you know about that then write a new post about this topic. i am waiting for this……..

Sam Matla (Minimal Blog) November 17, 2012

Great post!

First point is really good and in my opinion essential when trying to gain a following, I’ve always found it rather hard to get an audience on facebook and twitter, maybe social media isn’t my thing, or maybe I just have to try harder!

Thanks for sharing :)

Iteire Apollos November 25, 2012

Thanks for the share information.About the first tip,should i like comment as my page or as my personal facebook accout.

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