Why You Should Move Your Online Business To Google Apps

By Amrik Virdi | Productivity

Nov 02
Google Apps

Google AppsIn the the past few years, everybody whether the owner of the small business or even the owner of the organized and reputed company or the industry has chosen the Google and its apps just due to its benefit.

With the Google the one can spread and can organize their business in the well mannered as well as in the more organized way due to the fact Google offers numerous features and the benefits.

No matter, the size or the scale of your business and the enterprises. These days every company is moving to the Google. What… what you have not moved to the Google and its related apps for the Business yet???”

That’s the question everybody asked to every next person because of the use and the benefits of the Google at the large scale only because of its fantastic and the stunning applications and also it have many benefits like upgraded features, easy to use, highly accessibility, less maintenance and low cost and the care.

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There are lots of reasons… why so many companies and the business moving away from the traditional suites of the software and e-mail application might be a risky move, but only the risk taker can win and run the business.

As you decided to move the Google’s apps and e-mail, consider the some following reasons to make the switch in the future:

Save money –

First and the most important reason, why should the one switch to the Google and its apps. With the Google the one can save the one-third of the money and to run any business successful and to get the goals and the achievements in the field, the one must save the money in the business. The scale and the size of the business depends how much you gonna save in the future.

Mobility –

Another attractive and the handsome reason is the mobility of the Google and its apps. Means to say the Google and its apps is there every time at when you need. It allows the mobility and the portability, with the Google you are more reliable and relaxed because the one can access its account from anywhere at any time. Google and its apps shatter the barrier of the distance-based business.

Infinite storage –

With the old and the traditional servers offers the limited amount of memory space in their e-mail but Google provides the large amount of memory space for their users because these days business is more reliable and run through the Google apps.

Also, Google and apps come with additional features of the sort and search options so that one can easily find and organize their mails.

Less technical faults and problems –

Google has achieved the unmatched and the unparallel success for the same reason. With the Google the one is far away from the troubles and the worries regarding the lost of data and the important contacts and notes. Data remains safe and secure with the Google and additional it provides separate platform for the Documents and the excel sheets. A company who uses Google rarely faces and experiences the down time or the problem.

Guarantee of reliability and the security –

Google is the only in the present time which offers the less costs, increased mobility, tons of storage space and the minimum technical faults and the troubles. There are tons of other great reasons to switch. But one of the best and the great reason is the assurance of the reliability and the security provided by the Google. With the great and the reputed name like a Google, nobody should have any kind of doubts.


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Dhruv Bhagat November 2, 2012

Hi Amrik,

There are so many benefits of Google apps.. They support every time when we need them :)

They are easy to use and packed with best features. This is most brilliant thing that I love it.

    Reevu November 8, 2012

    I totally agree with Amrik well said bro.

Hamza Sheikh November 2, 2012

Hi Amrik!

You’re right. I have been using the Google Apps from last couple of months, and they are just bonus services for me (as a web-master). I have seen many institutes are now using the Google Apps in their infrastructures to reduce the extra costs and security attacks.

yet another convencing post from you!

Giriraj Ranawat November 2, 2012

Hello Amrik, You are absolutely correct on using Google Apps. My college too uses Gmail as an personalised E-mail client for the faculty members. Free of cost…!!!

abhishek November 2, 2012

If you are online then everything is google, google is God if you have online presence except facebook presence 😛

Jay Yadav November 3, 2012

saving money will be great with mobility and hence many of us moving and running towards google apps

Chitraparna Sinha November 3, 2012

I have been using Google Apps for almost 2-3 years and they are great for running a business.

krunal November 4, 2012

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Black Woods November 5, 2012

I agree that most Google apps are very useful for businesses, yet some businesses are still stubborn and want to make their own in house apps.
Most of the apps Google provided is enough for small to medium businesses to operate their daily operations, which in fact help to save a lot of cost and trouble in software support.

Jackson Tan November 5, 2012

Google apps is good but I was wondering if they would be data mining what we have again?

my 2 cents~

jeff risk November 6, 2012

I have been using Google Apps for almost 2-3 years and they are great for running a business.

farihaktn November 6, 2012

Yes Google application really good. But now i am looking up android app. so anyone help for to about this.

Ecopywriters November 7, 2012

Awesome post. Majority of the businesses prefer to use Google applications, because it is user friendly and the most widely used application among others.

shane knight November 9, 2012

handling data with apps are really easy and save precious time and provides quick updation

Jafar Dhada November 20, 2012

I use Google Apps for two reasons only –

1. It is by Google and FREE for small businesses.
2. To redirect my naked domain to www. 😛 😛 😛

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