Want good content? Listen to Motown.

There’s no doubt about it. Google is cleaning house. If you’ve been cutting corners and using the copy and paste feature to get the most from articles, blogs and web pages, your days in the search engine’s good books are numbered. Here’s what you need to avoid as far as written content goes.

Duplicate content. Re branding and re gifting are ideas that we’ve all heard about, but they don’t make the jump to the world of web content at all. Once you’ve written some text and published it, you need to move on to the next piece to stay in the comfortable shade of the Google tree. It might be the best blog you’ve ever written and you want the world to know about it, but you can’t publish it more than once, especially if the original is in your website. The penalty here is the equivalent of the “Do not pass go. Go directly to jail” card in monopoly. It doesn’t matter if you change the geographic location. If “Florida’s Best Plumbers” and “Delaware’s Best Plumbers” have basically the same text, it’s still duplicate content under the new Google purges. Be warned.

Sloppy Links. People are always looking for the easier softer way and that includes some web businesses. “Links are links” they say, “it’s good to buy as many as possible so we get a good ranking.” Wrong. That’s the same philosophy that would have our Delaware plumbers selling electrical and medical services on their sites and clouding the focus of what they do because they want good rankings. In other words, apples and oranges don’t mix. Take the time to select the links to reflect some value for your customers and only accept the ones that are relevant to your business. Buying from link farms will most certainly get you into trouble.

Keyword Stuffing.  The thinking behind this little bit of malfeasance continually amazes me. Putting so many keywords in the text that it winds up reading like someone wrote it with a crayon in their fist used to get you some rankings, but no conversions. No one will take our Delaware plumbers seriously if they write “Delaware plumbers are really good and you need to get the best Delaware plumbers so you’ll never be without Delaware plumbers.” Keyword stuffing makes your business look incompetent and now it’s even punishable through Google.

Aretha Franklin could easily take up Internet marketing when she’s done singing because she knows it’s all about Respect. The corners that some people cut with content were all about taking short cuts that compromised quality writing. Internet marketing is about exposing good content. It’s the means to an end and not the end itself and if you’ve got the right amount of respect for where cyberspace can take your business, you’ll get in line with these updates.








Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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