How to Treat an AdSense Addiction

Hello, my name is Kevin and I have an AdSense addiction. That, and a Google Play Developers’ console addiction. And a Kindle Direct Publishing addiction… I also have an addiction to alcohol but that’s by the by…

Okay so the last bit’s not true, but the other three almost certainly are and it’s fair to say that I’m something of a junkie when it comes to any of these statistics. Thing is, that when I go and check my AdSense page, often I’ll be greeted by a few more clicks and that means more profit and more people that have seen my page. This then gives me a nice little buzz of happiness, which then in turn stimulates me to want to check again the next day, and which enforces the whole process like giving snacks to a dog for rolling over. Thus I do it more.

At the same time though, classical conditioning and Pavlovian dogs aside, I check my stats simply because they’re constantly improving by a small margin, and just like levelling up a Pokemon this is hugely satisfying to watch.

Of course in some ways this is also a good thing. For instance it means that I am at least constantly on top of my earnings and that I always know how much money I’ve made and can spot any sudden declines easily (and so act). But it can also be bad news, and in many ways an AdSense addiction is a serious problem for bloggers and webmasters. Here we will look at why and what to do about it…

The Problem

Checking my AdSense all the time might be good for noticing changes, but it also means that I actually waste quite a lot of time checking a webpage that doesn’t really offer anything that’s concrete or useful. This is a huge method of procrastination when I should be working – I find myself constantly making excuses to flick my browser over and see how much I’ve earned and this means I’m not writing blogs.

At the same time this addiction means that for every time I feel uplifted by seeing lots of clicks I also feel down beat because no one has clicked, or because they’ve uninstalled one of my apps or asked for a refund from a book. This deflated feeling isn’t great for productivity… In short you can end up constantly checking your success when you’d be better off actually trying to create it, and this can be ultimately deflating.


There are a few ways to treat an AdSense addiction, and thankfully none of them involve 12 steps or a support group. Instead, you might for instance decide to implement the AdSense feature in your Chrome toolbar so that you can check it while you surf the web, or using a widget on your Android home screen so that you can see your clicks every time you go to check a text etc. This is a great way to drip feed the results in without wasting time, though of course you’ll still risk that crushing feeling when things don’t go to plan.

Another solution then is just to designate set times of day to check. Then if you’re strict you can ensure that you’re not tempted to look the rest of the time and you’ll find your more productive and your mood is better as a result. Do this before your friends stage an intervention…

This post was contributed by Kevin Smith an SEO expert with SEO Positive a leading online promotion company specializing in building  authoritative links and white hat online marketing techniques.

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