How to Save Up 20-40% on Data Storage Services with CDW

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The world of internet marketing allows anyone to become a successful and viable business without the need to understand how certain things work. Sure, we know how to write emails, create sites and ad campaigns… but what about the specifics of how emails works or how coding becomes the actual stuff you see on a computer screen. While the majority of us use the internet for whatever, there is a whole other world of people who are making sure the data is transferring correctly, providing backup solutions, archiving data and so much more.

One of these companies is CDW. You've probably seen their name and logo several times, but never really thought about what they do. Again, they are one of those companies that specializes in the dirty work that you would never imagine handling or even thinking about where to start. So when it comes time for companies to start thinking about their online business, security and data management, CDW is one of the top names that business go to.

Want the broken down details on CDW and their business? Founded in 1984, the company is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare… with over 250,000 customers and nearly $10 billion in annual sales.

How CDW's Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions Help Small Businesses Grow

One of CDW's many strong points is in their data storage management and virtualization. Whether you are a blogger, an online ecommerce business, online marketer or even a data management company, there are many reasons why your business could make use of CDW and their services.

  • Improve efficiencies by reducing administrative overhead and freeing up IT resources
  • Provide a central data storage management system
  • Reduce data storage maintenance needs and expenses
  • Achieve greater scalability for future growth and flexibility

Since so many businesses are still running on aged hardware and still in the process of making the transition to digital and cloud computing and storage, CDW helps with the process and bringing a new age of data management and security to businesses of all sizes.

Why It's Important for You and Your Business to Adapt with New Technology Trends

There is no doubt about it… technology is changing faster and faster every day. The days of having desktops with attached hard drives and having to lug around all of the heavily machinery is simply no longer required. Even if you happen to run your business from a laptop, you still relying on your hard drive for your data.

When simply relying on your hard drive you are opening up yourself for a lot of potential problems. This can be anything from loss of data, someone stealing your computer, inability to access your files without your computer and of course the need to always have your data secure and available at all times.

All of these fears and issues are exactly what CDW strives to correct when setting up storage management and virtualization. It might seem like a lot of work going from a hardware based world to virtual, but it's much easier than you think. It's also important to note that the longer you wait, the more your competitors adapt and increase their customer size and productivity.

What CDW's Storage Management and Virtualization Can Do for You

When it comes to running a business on the internet there are various issues or complexities for each business. You might not be accepting online payments or dealing with a ton of customer data, so there are probably other areas you might have to worry about as well. What will happen if one of your most recent blog posts or content articles catches fire and sends thousands of people to your site. Will your site be able to handle all of the data going back and forth, or will it shut your server down?

Teaming up with CDW will allow you to take a look at your current business model and decide what areas you might need improvement in. CDW has packages available for businesses of all sizes. This means if you are a big one person company looking to improve your business, CDW may be able to help you expand your business. If you are a 100 or 1000+ person company, CDW has the services and reputation to grow your company through the use of their IT, server and data management services which features any of the following.

  • Storage Area Networks
  • Blade Servers
  • Storage Management Software
  • Archiving Software
  • E-Discovery Software
  • Data De-duplication
  • Data Storage Virtualization

Download Your Free CDW Red Report

In addition to all of the topics covered in this post, CDW is offering a free copy of their Red Report, which gives you an exclusive insider look on their data management and security services. In this free report you will learn how to Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40% and about:

  • Gain Faster Access to Critical Info
  • Provide Better Support for Your Workforce
  • Protect Organizational Data
  • Eliminate Infrastructure Inefficiencies

If you've ever had concern about your companies growth, IT management and data security, be sure to read through CDW's Red Report and see how they compare to the competition. You might be looking at potential savings in the 20-40% range for your business.

Download your free report:

Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%


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