4 Effective Ways to Write Product Reviews that Sell

Have you ever wondered why most bloggers can’t make much money from their affiliate products?

Here’s the reason.. they don’t know HOW to do it properly.

Then how to make money from your blog by selling others products?

Here are the 4 top ways to make more money by writing product reviews that sell.

how to write product reviews that sell1. Don’t write reviews – give your opinions: Really.. don’t write reviews for the sake of making money. You’ll NEVER make money from them. Instead, give your opinions on the products. You may get more sales by doing this. Why? When people are reading JUST another product reviews, how do you make them buy from your sites?

YOU really can’t do that. The only way you can grab their attention and to make them buy using your affiliate links is: give your TRUE opinions. When they find something different from others on your blog, they’ll love to take some action, this is no brainer.

When you provide true value to your product reviews, they’ll start trusting you. Sooner or later this credibility can bring you more sales and profits. So be personal and write honest reviews, instead of writing just another product reviews.

2. Use author hreview to rate: One of the best WordPress plugins to sell more products from your blog(s) is: author hReview. This was created by Hesham Zebida (a true online marketer who blogs at famousbloggers.net) and this plugin serves as a great resource for generating ‘brief description’ and ‘ratings’ of the products including the price tag.

Just look at the following screenshot of this plugin.

See how beautiful it is..

Next time, when you’re writing a product review on your blog, don’t forget to include this plugin to rate it.

By rating your products you’re not only making others to give the VALUE of the product, but you’re also giving them your humble opinion on it.

3. Write keyword rich contents: You should be writing product reviews for the years to come, not for the next 10 days right? You can make more money from your product reviews when you get long lasting traffic to them. But how can you get that traffic? Google can do it for you.

When you properly optimize your contents for the search engines with the usage of your targeted keywords, you’ll be driving more readers from the search engines to your blog for FREE.

Moreover when you offer any incentives on your products, the people who came from the search engines will be more likely to buy your stuff! Why? They’ll be always in a hurry, so when you quickly grab their attention by giving something attractive, they’ll certainly buy your products.

So be sure to optimize the content not only for the people, also for the search engines.

4. Compare with other products & use affiliate links: This is one of the best yet simplest method to make more sales from affiliate marketing. Compare your products with another great products, and tell your readers why the current product is much effective and worth every PENNY.

For example, when you’re writing a product review on email marketing autoresponder like AWeber, you can compare it with either MailChimp, GetRespone or something else, and you can convey why your readers should choose AWeber among them. This way you can stress out more what you’re offering through your product reviews. When you can convince them using this tactic, you’ll get more leads and sales.

Another thing is to use affiliate links within your product reviews and tell your readers that it’s an affiliate links by writing it clearly beside each link. This way you can build great credibility on your blogs.

Do you’ve any more tips to write product reviews that sell?


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