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Feeling Overwhelmed by Blogging Here Are 5 Tips for You

Posted by on 21st Oct 2012 | 10 comments

feeling overwhelmed by bloggingBlogging is neither fun, nor business.

When you take blogging for fun, you really can’t learn how to properly monetize it. Similarly when you consider it as a business, you’ll feel overwhelmed soon.

I know most of the bloggers are consider blogging as a business these days. There’s nothing wrong in that though. But what will you do if you feel overwhelmed by blogging?


Really bad option.

Then what else can you do?

Here are FIVE tips to get rid of ‘feeling overwhelmed by blogging’ syndrome

Take a vacation:

This is what many bloggers need. Because we spend most of the time working online, sitting all day in front of computers, and we actually forgetting the importance of taking a break from the routine. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by blogging, consider taking a vacation with your friends or family.

Go and hangout on your favorite places, just enjoy the time! You can come back with great efforts when you’ve a break from the rituals.

Guest post on other blogs:

No doubt, guest blogging is one of the great ways to build online reputation. When others see your guest posts all over the blogosphere, you’ll be get noticed very soon and they’ll more likely to visit your blog to listen what you’re saying.

But make sure you’re delivering high quality guest posts every time you land on other blogs. This way you can bring more credibility to your blog. Nevertheless to say guest blogging can also increase your online visibility, what else a blogger want except branding?

Tweak your blog design:

When you feel overwhelmed by blogging, making some changes in your blog design is the best way to overcome it. Most of the bloggers will enjoy tweaking their blog design elements in their free time.

You don’t need to be a designing maestro to tweak your blog design to create great conversions, but you need to learn few CSS topics and bit HTML tags to make great changes on your web design. Soon you’ll love doing this.

Remove all the clutter from your blog design like removing unwanted widgets, plugins in the sidebar or footer can make your blog loading time faster. It’s also help to get more conversion rates and gives a user-friendly design.

Learn something important to you:

Be it email marketing tactics or SEO copywriting skills, you need to have the basic ideas about everything. That’s how you can quickly build a brand around anything in your space. Most people will be scared of learning SEO things, because of it’s complexity.

But SEO is the main factor that can bring long lasting traffic to your blog for FREE. So you must not ignore it, you should be learning how to properly optimize your contents for the search engines.

Learning email marketing skills is also as important as SEO. But 90% of the bloggers don’t consider building an email list for their blogs. Major reason behind this is: they don’t know the importance of email list. Email list can bring your more traffic, you can directly sell your products to your readers, you can turn normal readers into customers by having a great email list.

So start building your email list NOW. And try to learn the email marketing skills like generating more leads, converting leads into sales etc. This way you can turn your blog into a business and that’s what you need to make more money from blogging. Are you getting me?

Connect with the influencers:

Have you done this before?? If not, try this time. Connect with the top bloggers in your niche via twitter, emails or Facebook (or even through their blog comments). You NEED to have great connections with others to build a better blog. Connections are EVERTYTHING in blogging.

You must focus on building great network with others, especially the influencers. They may don’t respond to you in the beginning, but don’t get upset, keep on trying, expect nothing, try to add value to your conversion.

Sooner or later they’ll start recognizing you. This is how you can get over the problem of ‘feeling overwhelmed by blogging’.

Do you’ve any more tips?

Rahul Kuntala is a full-time blogger cum freelance writer, who blogs at Learn Blog Tips, on a mission to help more people to make a living from blogging without quitting their jobs. Hire his writing services to create top notch contents for your blogs too.

10 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Zac Johnson on 21st Oct 2012

    It’s very easy to find yourself getting overwhelmed with all of your blogging tasks, especially if you run more than one blog. Creating a team around yourself to fill up the posting can greatly help in the process. Great post!
    Zac Johnson recently posted..Feeling Overwhelmed by Blogging Here Are 5 Tips for YouMy Profile

  • Posted by Adam on 21st Oct 2012

    Nice post! My blog is here : generallyappetizing.blogspot.com
    Adam recently posted..Atomic AmazementMy Profile

  • Posted by Hemendra Kumar Saini on 21st Oct 2012

    i think a learning something new can be very helpful, instead of learning of what is very related to your work. when you try to learn something else, 1. it allows you to think beyond your small pond. 2. new art form can also help you in crafting your skills well. At least you can have two or three post around, how you learn the french or play violin.
    Hemendra Kumar Saini recently posted..How To Post A Comment On A Blog – Art of CommentingMy Profile

    • Posted by Rahul Kuntala on 22nd Oct 2012

      Yea you’re right Hemendra.

      Blogging is an evolving medium, you’ve to update yourself if you want to survive in the blogosphere. Thanks for the comment!
      Rahul Kuntala recently posted..How to Become A Great Copywriter?My Profile

  • Posted by Michael Cheney on 22nd Oct 2012

    Very informative and nice tips about blogging. This could help me with my upcoming travel blog. :) Thanks for sharing buddy.

  • Posted by Radha Krishna on 22nd Oct 2012

    I strongly agree with your last point about connections. One must have good connections with other bloggers to be a successful blogger.
    Radha Krishna recently posted..How Facebook has got #1 Alexa Rank? {Case Study}My Profile

  • Posted by Hamza Sheikh on 23rd Oct 2012

    Hey Rahul! Yet another amazing post by you!

    Well, its very normal for me to get overwhelmed by my blogging career, as an tech editor and other blogging niche. Normally, whenever I feel down. I take a vacation, and avoid working for couple of hours, and make different searches on the Google to learn more interesting things and to take a look deeply at my fellow bloggers.
    Hamza Sheikh recently posted..How To Recover From Google Penguin Using Google Disavow Link ToolMy Profile

  • Posted by Wallscapes by Jan Riley on 24th Oct 2012

    I can definitely relate to needing a vacation, thanks.
    Wallscapes by Jan Riley recently posted..Atlanta Faux Finisher and MuralistMy Profile