Tired of Blogging? Some Tips on How to Keep Writing

In all facets of life, quitting seems to always be a tempting solution to all things and situations that we deem too boring or too hard. For bloggers all around the globe, writing is a passion; it is a gift that needs to be nurtured. In fact most bloggers write for fun, some earn handsomely thru writing, but then again, we are not spared from the temptation to succumb to an easier life with less pressure to write.

Blogging, for some may just be like a digital diary, but every blogger should know that we also have a responsibility towards the readers. When we write a blog, we entertain and help a lot of people with the information that is being shared. We create awareness and even self-help to those who are reached by our thoughts. With these, it becomes a moral obligation for us to continue doing what we do best. This, I think, is reason enough to keep the passion burning and stave off the burnt out-tiring feeling.

If you have an income-generating blog, the damage could be worse. Yes, you may treat yourself with more personal time, but it would definitely hurt your site. All the things that you have achieved as of the moment could go down the drain at once. You could loose your readers due to lack of updates or movements in your site. Your advertisers may lose interest, and your overall traffic could plummet down severely. Google itself would turn its back on you because their priorities are blogs that are beaming with activity and not the inactive ones. Sounds like a total fail, isn’t it?

So when you feel tired and want to quit writing, follow these simple steps so you can keep on going:

Relax and Rejuvenate

While some full-time writers work best in high-pressure situations, most, if not all, are blogging with what little free time they have. After a days work in the office or school, blogging could be a nice way to end your day. However, if you are really physically tired to the point where you are in front of the computer for 15mins and still hasn’t decided what to write yet, then stop, take a deep breath and relax. Take a time off to give quality time for yourself. A good warm bath, or a hearty meal can do the trick. It would then be cozier for you to write when you are relaxed and rejuvenated rather than jumping right on the computer after work. In fact, if you do this for quite some time, you might end up looking forward to it everyday.


Blogging about the same thing for months or even years could use up your vocabulary as well as your thoughts. Changing it up and writing about a different topic could give a new life to your site. If you feel bored with what you write, chances are, your readers and followers are too. You do not need to drastically change the topics, but choosing one that is unique but still has a reference to your main blogs is enough to shake things around and give new zest not only to your site, but to your mind as well.

Read to your heart’s content

A good blogger is also a good reader.  You should not only develop your ability to write, but also your ability to comprehend what you are reading as well. If you read a lot, whether its other blogs, news reports, books and the likes, you will become a well-rounded individual by gathering some ideas to add to your own site. Following news that is related to your blogs could keep you updated to what’s happening and therefore could get your readers glued to your site.

Laying Low but not quitting

If all else fails, the best thing to do is to take a break. Sometimes all you need is a short vacation or a personal time spent out in the woods or the beach. Give your mind a time to recompose and regain new ideas. But always remember that laying low is far different than quitting. By the looks of it, I bet you will be eagerly looking forward to writing again about your experiences during the break.

Welcome other bloggers to your site

The idea is not to let them takeover your site. You can open a guest posting feature on your site that could let other bloggers post their work that are related to your blogging niche. With inputs from other people, you can run a discussion about it thereby increasing the online traffic.  These guest bloggers also have followers of their own which they could carry over to your site, hence a win-win situation on your part.

Blogging should be fun. It doesn’t have to be a burden. If you feel like losing interest in writing, always remember that blogging is pretty much like talking to a friend, not just one, but to a lot of friends who are waiting to hear from you. So keep in touch!

This post was written by Steven, who is an in-house content writer at FreshEssays, a company that provides content editing and essay writing service. He specializes in researching and writing essays on literature, science, history of writing and education related topics.

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