Top 10 Free Tools To Make Infographics

In today’s date, cut-throat competition is prevalent in the market. There are a large number of business organizations that are operating in more or less the same business lines.

Hence, it has become essential for these business firms to reach out to the audiences in the simplest manner. Moreover, making available information in a form that is easily comprehensible by the audiences has become a must. This is where data visualization comes into the picture.

Businesses can now present data related to their products, services as well as markets by making use of some exceptional and out of the box data visualization tools.

Infographics comes across as bang on ingenious data visualization tools. Moreover, every business organization’s desire to carry out spot on branding can be fulfilled with the help of Infographics.

Our further discussion will revolve around the ten best free Infographics tools, which are believed to play a central role in helping you to give the much wanted push to the marketing and sales efforts of your business unit at large.

The 10 Best Free Infographics Tools:

Stat Planet -

You can now have a taste of some extraordinary interactive visualizations only with the help of Stat Planet. Moreover, with the help of this tool you will be able to customize your visualizations by using the same within your browser or even by getting it downloaded free of cost for that matter.

Hohli -

You can now get into some online chart making with the help of the Hohli tool. This particular tool is considered to be highly intuitive and simple to use. Moreover, the charts that happen to be the outcome of this particular tool are known to carry fabulous designs.

Tableau -

If you desire to add a touch of uniqueness to your visualizations, then in that case it is high time that you settle down for the Tableau tool. Tableau happens to be a Windows only software that is known to deliver stunning graphs that are highly colorful and vibrant.

Inkscape -

If you desire to import visualizations and then merge them along with the other visuals in order to create a brand new visualization at the end, then in that case it would be wise of you to opt for the Inkscape tool. This particular tool is considered to be absolutely effortless as far as its use is concerned.

Many Eyes -

You can now get your hands onto visualizations that carry a largely professional look by getting hold of the Many Eyes tool. With this tool you get the opportunity of either using your individual data or opting for the data that is already stored on the website.

Creately -

You can now come up with flow charts as well as random diagrams without having to put in much effort with the help of the tool Creately. Moreover, you also get the chance of choosing between a number of diagrams and finally going ahead with your visualizations by simply adding your data to the same.

Piktochart -

In case of the free version of the Piktochart tool you get to choose from a small number of template alternatives. Moreover, the end product that comes out as a result of the Piktochart tool use is known to come complete with a Piktochart watermark.

Icon Archive -

If you desire to make use of icons on your infographics or even your website for that matter, then in that case it would be sensible of you to opt for the Icon Archive. These icons are known to be developed by commercial artists and thus it is essential for you to go through the licensing terms and conditions before shortlisting the icons.

D3 -

If you are a developer who is looking forward to get hold of a desktop tool, then in that case D3 comes across as a perfect pick for you. D3 can help you to come up with just the right imagery if you have somewhat decent programming skills in you.


GIMP comes across as a bang on substitute for Photoshop. With the help of this particular tool you can carry out a number of functions, the end result of which is utmost creative visualizations monetize.

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Srivathsan G.K - October 19, 2012

WOW. Amazing set of tools. Had an idea to create infographic, should try with these tools.

    Amrik Virdi - October 27, 2012

    Thanks Srivanthsan,
    Glad you liked it.

    Don’t forget to share your experiences with the readers.

Zac Johnson - October 19, 2012

Excellent resources and list. I personally have used Picktochart to create a few infographics. It takes a bit of time to create them, but if people start sharing and sending them around it’s well worth it.

    Amrik Virdi - October 27, 2012

    That’s great Zac,
    The most awesome thing about Picktochart is that it make information beautiful.


Marcie - October 22, 2012

Thank you so much for these resources. I am quite intrigued by inforgraphics and this was very timely.

Janmejai - October 23, 2012

Nice List of tools,Excellent work For me Hohli is the best one in the listed tools.

Rajeesh Nair - October 28, 2012

Great informative list. I didn’t knew there are such free tools to create infographics images. With becoming a strong social network, infographics images are going to stay and will help getting loads of good traffic!!

Thanks again Amrik!!

Saurabh Rai - October 28, 2012

great post Amrik :) :)

I arrived here after checking your Facebook update.

Priyank - October 28, 2012

Nice information Amrik. I am not so much familiar with info-graphics. I just have experienced Tableau Software. The list provided by you is amazing.

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