Best Apps for On-the-Go Blogging

This isn’t your ordinary “top 5” list of all the blogging apps available on the market. You can find tons of those on most any blog. What you’ll find here is a comprehensive list of tools to help you blog on the go, make the most of your creative time away from the desk and fill your blog with interesting and informative content that your readers are sure to adore. Ready to get away from these desks? Let’s go!

Creating and Posting Your Written Content

Every blog post begins as an idea. Those ideas might come slowly when you’re sitting at the desk and staring at a blinking cursor. But when you’re experiencing the world, those ideas flow like sweet milk from grandma’s pitcher.

Evernote is a free app that makes taking notes on your smartphone as grabbing a paper (will that McDonald’s receipt do?) and finding a pen (maybe it’s under the car seat?) Evernote also allows bloggers to grab quick pictures and sound bites to work with later. It also makes organizing these ideas easy.

Once your content is in order, then you can post it using apps from WordPress, Blogger or your favorite blogging platform. Better yet, try the app Cell Spin, which posts to WordPress, LinkedIn, Google Blogger, Live Journal and even email, all at the same time. This is the most efficient option for bloggers working with multiple platforms.

There’s content, then there’s great content, and successful bloggers strive for the latter. The Docs to Go app allows you to create and edit files easily from your mobile phone and offers fonts and characters that aren’t common among smartphone text editing apps.

If you need to print anything out while you’re out and about, Remote Print lets you print wirelessly right from your smartphone.

Bloggers with lots of files to keep up with can consider File Scout. This app lets you create directories, move files among directories and even zip or unzip files on your smartphone – tasks that can be difficult away from the desktop.

Manage Your Comments

If your readers are patient about your answering their comments, you’re too lucky and we don’t want to hear about it. For the rest of us, we have to stick close. It may be tempting to use Reply Storm, which promises you almost instant feedback on virtually anything you post by email. But user reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive for this app, and it isn’t free.

Managing your comments directly through Cell Spin or with your WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal apps is probably the best solution.

Capturing and Posting Your Photos and Videos

There are probably more apps for managing photos and videos than anything else bloggers might need to do mobily. The best app depends on exactly how you’ll be using it, and many bloggers decide that two or three apps is worth the cost and memory space to do everything they could dream of wherever they happen to be.

You can include screen shots even while you’re away from the “big screen” using Snap Screen for Blackberry cell phones. This app allows you to freeze, save and post a screen shot to your blog directly from your smartphone.

vPost lets you capture multiple images, videos or even audio clips and post them to your blog all at the same time and Qik allows for live video streaming.

Photo Bucket is a free photo hosting app that lets you upload videos, photos and share them with a geo tag. It also lets you organize photos into albums for easy posting and viewing, as well as later retrieval.

Photoshop fans will be glad to know about the Adobe Photo Express app, which lets you edit and put finishing touches or simple special effects on your photos for immediate posting right from your smartphone.

Perhaps the granddaddy of these photo and video apps is Cover It Live. This app allows you to cover live events and deliver them to your audience in real time. You can also publish your own commentary with the broadcast and include multimedia files.

Ditch All Those Social Networking Apps and Integrate

If your phone didn’t come pre-installed with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking apps (or even if it did) you can eliminate the hassle of opening and managing these separately with HootSuite. Designed to support Twitter as well as Facebook, Foursquare and others – Hoot Suite makes the whole social networking thing quicker and easier for mobile bloggers.

Get Paid and Make Payments

Hey, we don’t all blog merely for the joy of distributing our every fleeting thought to the awaiting masses. Some of us earn a living this way, and PayPal has us covered even while at large. This app lets you do most anything you can do from your desktop PayPal account, including collecting your ad revenue and other income, take payments, send money to your creditors and even shop online.

A Word to the Wise Mobile Blogger

Obviously, not all bloggers take the time and effort to craft well-constructed, brilliantly written and grammatically correct blog posts like we do. When you’re blogging mobily, it’s easy to miss little spelling errors, verb agreements and other errors on that itty bitty screen. Proofread even more carefully than you do on your desktop computer.

Since a little boo boo on HTML can be a big, fat blunder when published, it’s probably best to leave the coding for when you’re in the office. But with the right apps, your mobile blogging time can become your most inspired and innovative working times.

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