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Backlinks serve as the backbone of any search engine optimization strategy, because it is through these valuable backlinks that Google is able to determine the relative importance of a website or webpage. The idea is that you’re supposed to build up these links in an organic fashion, because more people will link to you as you become more important and more influential. However, waiting for the organic links may not work and it may take way too long.

There are many people out there who are utterly against paying for links and that’s their prerogative. However, for those who are shopping for links, a service like Links Management can be incredibly useful, working as a broker between the person buying the links (advertiser) and the website owner offering the link on their page (publisher).

How Does Links Management Work?

Signing up for an account with Links Management is instant. After confirming your email address, you can gain access the inventory of available link placements. You start your project with a target URL and a website category. Then, the list is displayed for you.

I used the example of Dot Com Pho here with the website category of social media. Currently, the Links Management has an inventory of over 120,000 different ad placement offers. Instead of simply offering “usual” links, Links Management sells contextual links. What this means is that you backlink is generally embedded directly within the content. These types of links look more natural to Google and they also bring more direct visitors to your site.

Links Management sells these links on a monthly basis, so the link stays live for as long as you’re willing to pay for it. All the prices shown in the screenshot above are the monthly price for a single link on those webpages. You can see the PageRank of the pages, as well as the number of outbound links and the passed PR weight. Links Management says that it has many webpages with PR4-PR8.

Finding the Right Link Partners

It starts with choosing a website category, as I’ve described above. There are many categories available, ranging from business to animal health, education to aviation.

You can further filter down the displayed offers by defining a PageRank range and your preferred monthly cost range. There is also a tickbox to show only “unique offers per PageRank” so that you don’t get multiple listings from the same website or webpage. If you already know the site where you’d like to buy the link, you can also search by URL. Of course, the site has to be a part of the Links Management network first.

Links Management touts several benefits and advantages that it has over other link brokerage services. For example, the pricing is dynamic, moving up and down with the associated PageRank and value of the backlink being placed. Also, the links look natural to Google because most are embedded manually, rather than automatically. They also ensure that the sites are indexed and you have the opportunity to preview the link before buying too.

Managing All Your Backlinks

There is a simple management tool that lets you see all of your current projects, as well as all the links that you currently have purchased through Links Management.

You can cancel any of them at any time and you can track how well they are doing, as well as the fluctuations in cost. Your account can be “uploaded” with funds most simply with PayPal, though they also accept AlertPay and bank wire transfers. The minimum account refill amount is $199.

Links Management has some additional resources, like SEO articles, to help you with your efforts, but that large inventory of available linking partners is really where you’ll find value. The interface is simple, the pricing is fair, and Links Management promises to deliver with quality contextual PR4-PR8 links that look natural to search engines.

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